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About The Client

In 1976, a family of skilled bakers from Carini, Sicily opened their first restaurant in the States. Founder, Salvatore Marciano, christened his restaurants in honor of his wife’s family name, Genova. Today, “Genova’s To Go” is operated by the family’s third generation continuing their proud legacy and family recipes across five restaurant locations.


The Challenge: Increase Traffic & Improve Website Experience

Genova’s To Go experienced a notable decline in traffic and engagement throughout 2022, despite introducing an exciting new mobile app. With a significant decrease in non-branded traffic, the overall website experience fell short of expectations and they were losing out on potential customers.

When considering the launch of a fifth location, making necessary website updates became a crucial first step. Failing to clean up their digital presence before opening their new location could have potentially resulted in financial losses.

The Process & Solution: Prioritize UX Design

Strategic Planning Workshop

Met with Genova’s team to address pain points, identified key revenue-generating elements, gathered desired website features, and delved into discussion on design and development options.

Analyze Data & Determine Strategy

Analyzed the available data to assess the effectiveness of different strategies and determined areas of improvement for increasing conversion rates and organic traffic with the target audience.

Prioritize Website UX Design

Prioritized the user experience considering that customers value a seamless and efficient ordering process. This included a redesign of the digital menus for a more user-friendly and mobile-friendly website experience.

Refresh Website Design & Enhance For SEO

Implemented various enhancements and redesigns such as sticky footers, prominent call-to-action buttons, easily accessible menus on the home page, and visual elements like authentic imagery. Most importantly, conversion goals were set and tracked so that the team could view mobile phone clicks to gift card orders.


The Results: 23% Increased Organic Traffic & 52% Increased Conversion Rate

The website and mobile app updates came just in time for the fifth Genova’s To Go location launch in March of 2023, showing a 52% increase in conversions proving that a well-designed and user-friendly website can make a significant impact.

Thanks to our team’s website UX design, patrons can now quickly find intended content with ease.

Website SEO ranking increased by adding rich content for better readability and search engine crawling, showing a 23% year-over-year increase in new user traffic. And with Google Analytics, the team is now on top of goal tracking for monitoring future strategy. It’s a win-win-win and great first step to keeping Genova’s To Go a sustainable and healthy business with a high conversion rate and organic traffic.


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