Fabrication Techniques

Expertly Crafted

Mathematically precise, beautifully finished

Our fabricators expertly craft all signage to be mathematically precise and beautifully finished using methods like fabrication, contour cutting, routing, welding, laser engraving, mixing of custom paints, and more. Choose from materials like foam core, coroplast, corrugated plastic, fabric, magnetic backing, illuminated/LED components, PVC, aluminum & other metals, acrylic, vinyl, wood and more. Our team knows the best processes for bringing your signage to life and their craftsmanship is top notch.
someone wearing a welding mask to fabricate signs


Blog Posts & Case Studies

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Let's Make Something Great

Let's Make
Something Great

For over 25 years, Strategic Factory has been a family-owned industry leader in Maryland, offering only the best in service and craftsmanship in a variety of products and solutions.