Local Pro-Sport Brand Support

Creative & Design, Print, Promo Items, Signage

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are part of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League and garner an international audience.

Challenge: One Place to Do It All

The Ravens organization strives to support the local community. When they needed additional support for their brand, they knew they wanted to work with a local business. They also knew that they needed one place that could not only offer branding services but signage and print solutions as well.

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“Strategic Factory is a trusted partner the Ravens have been able to consistently rely on for all types of printing and signage projects. They’ve played an important role in how our fans experience the Ravens and other partners' branding at M&T Bank Stadium on game days. Furthermore, the service and support we received are top notch."

Process & Solution: One-Stop Flexibility

It’s no secret that as a team in the NFL, the Ravens have an extremely demanding schedule from August to January. Not only is there prep needed to kick off the season, but any initiatives launched during the regular season require a quick turnaround and smooth facilitation. The Ravens are ranked #2 in the entire NFL for the best gameday experience, always going above and beyond for the Ravens Flock. 

Prior to the start of the 2021-2022 regular season, the Ravens invited guests to Training Camp, giving them an opportunity to watch the players up close. It required event and parking signage, information sheets, and group credentials. Additionally, there was stadium signage that needed to be updated, which included everything from concession stand graphics and billboard replacements to a wall graphic in the team store. Club-level signage was also updated and installed along with additional stadium banners. For every project to date, our team has remained flexible with respect to the schedule, and we’re able to be the one place the Ravens need to go to see a project through. 

We love partnering with our Baltimore Ravens and have enjoyed the opportunities we’ve had to work with them on their projects and look forward to many more. A sampling includes:

  • Sponsorship Proposal
  • Seat Kills
  • Team Store Graphics
  • Fantasy Football Credentials and Signage
  • Training Camp Credentials and Signage
  • Special Gameday Credentials and Signage
  • Stadium Banner Signage
  • Stadium Concession Signage
  • Stadium Club-Level Signage
  • Marketing Packets
  • Ravens Promo Items