Bringing a Dose of Educational Support

Creative & Design, Print, Promo Items

Through the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) and the Healthcare-Associated Infections Advisory Committee (HAIAC), Antimicrobial Stewardship is a statewide program to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics. Misusing or overusing antibiotics encourages the development of multi-drug resistant bacteria, leading to the spread of infections caused by these bacteria in the public. Antimicrobial Stewardship works with healthcare providers to ensure the right dose and duration of antibiotics are used when caring for their patients.

Challenge: A Branded Impression

Antimicrobial Stewardship is always seeking new ways to introduce the program to healthcare providers and to follow up after meeting with them. To help facilitate the support available to these professionals, they were creating a new outreach initiative that needed to be memorable while also speaking to the services offered. They determined a branded educational gift box was the solution they needed.

"We are loving the boxes you created for us! The response has been wonderful!" - Kathy Jo Robbins, OIDE Trainer Educator (Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology)

Process & Solution: An All-In-One Partner and a Fresh Design

In need of a full solution from scratch, Antimicrobial Stewardship knew they wanted to work with a trusted partner who was capable of completing the project in its entirety. It started with their logo. They already had a design concept for the logo; however, it needed to be refined. Graphic design experts were able to take the initial logo and modernize it for a cleaner design. Brand colors were added to the design and ultimately became a part of a new style guide. From there, the box itself was designed with the new logo and color scheme to then be printed as a part of the custom gift solution they were after. Having a reliable partner committed to the same level of excellence helped ensure their vision was brought to life.

Items were then sourced and branded with the new logo for each box, which included a lapel pin, badge reel, notebook, pen, sanitizing wipes, swell bottle, and a keychain. Printed items that were also included were a pocket folder and an informational brochure. Once all items were in hand, a single gift box was assembled, and photos were taken and sent for approval. Once approved, each gift box was packaged with careful precision and shipped so they could be hand-delivered. 

Not only was Antimicrobial Stewardship able to personally hand out the educational gift box they sought to create, but they also had additional boxes on-hand to assist with other initiatives. The initiative also helped to establish a brand style guide, which would ensure new products and materials could be branded and delivered in an even more efficient process in the future.