A Storage Solution in a Company Store

Marketing & Digital

Allianz Trade, formerly known as Euler Hermes, is a global trade credit insurance company. It is a subsidiary of Allianz SE, one of the world’s largest insurance companies. Allianz Trade offers a range of trade credit insurance products and services to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. It also offers a range of other risk management solutions, including surety bonds, debt collection, and political risk insurance. In late March of 2022, Euler Hermes became Allianz Trade after being a part of the Allianz Group since 2018.

Challenge: New Brand, New Products, New Needs

With the new brand name, they got all new branded apparel and promo products featuring their updated logo. Therefore, they were in need of bulk storage for their new items, and they needed a way to get these items sent out to their employees at their different regional locations. Also, having a number of trade shows and events around the country, they wanted to find an easy way to order the items they needed in bulk and get them to their events. They wanted to ensure they had unifying apparel for the employees that went to these events and trade shows. To get these needs filled, they needed a place to have their items stored, inventoried, and shipped out for their events when they needed it. They knew about our company store solution and wanted to give it a try to see if it would meet their needs.

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Also, having a number of trade shows and events around the country, they wanted to find an easy way to order the items they needed in bulk and get them to their events.

Process & Solution: A Streamlined Approach to Inventory Management

Allianz was presented with different apparel and proof options and provided quotes for their preferred selections. They expressed their desire for a company store, and after quote approval, the project moved into the proofing stage with the need for the company store in mind. The promotional items and apparel were proofed at the same time and moved into production right after they were approved. Allianz then selected the embroidery they wanted for the polo shirts and looked at different decorating techniques that were presented for the promotional items, selecting their preferred options. Some items were delivered immediately while others were held back to account for the company store they would be using. When orders were placed, larger quantities were ordered so that they could start off with plenty of inventory to get their store up and running. Right away, they had a trade show they needed to prepare for. They were able to pull the items they needed for their trade show, and could immediately see what they had remaining on hand, offering a seamless way to manage their inventory without having to dedicate the space to their bulk materials. 

They now have a more organized approach to their promo and apparel needs that includes their updated branding. They also enjoy a quicker turn on getting items into the hands of their employees using their company store, which also supports brand management. Also, by ordering in bulk and having Strategic Factory store their items for them, they’re able to get around supply chain issues. Allianz can confidently manage their inventory more thoroughly and efficiently, knowing what they have on hand at any given time and being able to replenish their stock before they run out.