TV, Video and Radio Advertising

Spokes Marketing has extensive experience developing TV and Radio campaigns. Our creative director has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing campaigns that create impact. We can provide guidance regarding timing, spot cost and creative for different types of campaigns. Our TV spots have garnered attention for clients of all types, and our radio spots have broken through and created top of mind awareness AND immediate response.

What’s your objective? Branding?  Direct Response? 

TV and Radio can create that indelible brand image you want, And video, although we typically have talked about TV, translates well and can make an impact in the digital world. TV and Radio can drive calls and visits to websites for Direct Response. Overall, traditional media, when used wisely, can drive and supplement complete integrated campaigns. Let us help you with your campaign.

Below, Spokes Marketing is proud to showcase just a few of the many TV commercials that we’ve produced throughout the years for our clients. Please view our Video Portfolio to see our TV/Video commercial production capabilities!

Looking to get more from your video and radio?