Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Process is customized for each individual client. Our goal is to determine what drives your business – Lead Generation? Appointments or Reservations? Online Sales? In-Store Visits? Or is it something more complicated, like gathering initial interest from a Landing Page and following up with a drip e-mail marketing campaign over several months?

The Media Plan could include online or offline elements or a combination of the two. Traditional methods like TV, print, radio, etc. could be employed or we may look to do more 21st Century concepts like search marketing, online advertising or Social Media Marketing.

Finally, the Creative Plan includes how we talk to prospective clients. How are they expecting you to act and deal with them?  What do they like to see from advertisers and people from whom they purchase products and services?  Do we entertain, inform or simply gossip?

Please Contact Us for more information about how to put together a strong, long-term strategy for your company to grow and thrive or view our MARKETING CONSULTANCY packages which provide a process for us to start working together to build your Marketing Strategy!

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