Auto Dealers: Build the Brand and They Will Come

Retail Automotive Marketing is a tough gig. It takes a unique combination of industry experience, brand-building creative, media-savvy and an acute understanding of the ever-changing way that consumers make their buying decisions.

  • Industry Experience: The Spokes Agency has a dedicated Automotive Marketing Team with experience and industry perspective.  When choosing an agency partner, the last thing you need are newbies making important recommendations. You need a team of passionate professionals to trust; anything less could hurt your bottom line.
  • Brand-Building: In today’s automotive marketplace, consumers do their research online before choosing a dealer to visit. Gone are the days when buyers visited multiple dealers looking for a vehicle and a price. Today, your website is your lot and you need to walk your lot every day to be competitive. Marketing with Spokes Agency supports driving website traffic while building a memorable brand.  Without this top of mind brand awareness, your showroom traffic and subsequent sales will suffer.
  • Media: The rise of the Internet, mobile and database marketing is now an integral part of the automotive media mix; it’s how consumers interact with your brand. It’s also cost-effective and accountable. Traditional media (such as TV and Radio) still reaches the largest audiences and is most effective for brand-building. The trick to success is the mix: that’s where The Spokes Agency excels. We make media decisions based on comprehensive data from showroom traffic, leads, sales, dealer database analysis and online sources.
  • Creative: The reason you advertise is to bring new customers to your website and showroom. Our creative will separate you from your competitors and create positive feelings from your prospects. As a tier three automotive advertiser, the job of your creative is to get consumers to act. We figure out the right message, media mix and budget to do the job month after month.
  • The End Game:  If you need a partner who understands the automotive pressures of balancing monthly factory goals with dealer profitability, talk to us. If you want an honest marketing partnership that works hard every day to drive traffic at your dealership, talk to us.

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