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September 1, 2023
Solution: Marketing & Digital Solutions
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One of the most important things your business needs is to be easily found by potential customers. In our digital age, this means you need a high ranking on search engines, like Google, to succeed. But what happens when your business isn’t ranking well? Reach out to our Marketing & Digital Services team to learn more and read our seven tips and tricks below to help you improve your business’s Google ranking FAST!

1. Perform SEO SWOT Analysis

Understand where you are with SEO performance by completing an SEO SWOT analysis. Dive into your analytics to get a baseline. Pinpoint your website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats amongst your usage of keywords, content, backlinks, design, and more. Our Marketing & Digital Services team helps businesses of all sizes complete this first step. Some common questions we usually ask to start this process are:

  1. What objectives are you aiming to achieve with your website?
  2. Who is your intended audience?
  3. Which products or services contribute significantly to your company’s ROI?
  4. Have you worked with an agency, and if yes, what were the successful and challenging aspects of that experience?
  5. Do you have a collection of authentic visual content, such as images and videos featuring your employees or products, that we can incorporate into the website to humanize the brand?

From there, you want to build out a strategic list of action items to improve your ranking fast. Moving forward, you should be re-evaluating your SEO strategy with an in-depth SEO audit quarterly.

2. Improve Keywords Usage

The keywords you choose and how you use them are very important to determining your Google ranking. They’re like little invisible beacons signaling search engines to show your website’s content to interested searchers. Sounds simple, right? Maybe, if there weren’t a million other businesses also fighting for that same ranking using those same keywords! You have to “outwit, outplay, outlast,” as Jeff Probst would say. To start, you’ll need to understand search demand for keywords.

Find relevant keywords to your content that hit a sweet spot between popular, but less competitive.

See in this graph how “Commercial Roofers” and “Residential Roofers” have a lower keyword difficulty rating (KD%), indicating them as favorable but less competitive keyword options. You can also consider using more descriptive phrases like long-tail keywords for even less competition. Once you know your keywords, put them everywhere; titles, links, content, image alt text, and so on.

3. Write & Refresh Content For SEO

To rank higher in Google searches, refresh current content for highest SEO performance. Search engines rank content that is unique, relevant, and meets user intent.

  1. Leverage your keyword research from step 2 to determine which content topics you want to write about that are relevant to your business and to those searching for your services.
  2. Use catchy and succinct headlines.
  3. Insert interesting visuals with relevant file naming and alt text.
  4. Include internal and external links.
  5. Choose a friendly and concise slug.
  6. Include meta tags in titles and descriptions at recommended character lengths.
  7. Structure your content for skimmability by people, Ai, and search engines.
  8. Include plenty of long form content made for sharing to generate more backlinks.

After you’ve refreshed your current content for SEO, be sure to constantly update and create new valuable and unique content that follows these steps regularly!

4. Enhance User Experience

For achieving a higher Google ranking, you’ll want a top notch user experience. To do this, keep a close eye on your website’s mobile friendliness, page speed, and bounce rate. Your goal here is to satisfy users with what they’re searching for and keep them on your page or clicking through for an extended period of time. If your website is too difficult to navigate, hard to read in the mobile version, or intended content not readily found, people will leave your site and go back to their Google search. If this happens often, Google will determine your content not to be rich or satisfying user intent.

5. Add Schema Markup

Adding a schema markup to your website will improve your business’s ranking by helping Google understand your content through code. This makes your pages more visible in organic search and will increase traffic and click-through rates. Important to note: Schema Markups are different from Meta Tags. While both help SEO rankings, meta tags are plain language chosen by you and show searchers a snippet of what’s to come should they click on your link in their search results. Schema is code that search engines use to see what a human would see.

This is an example of what Schema looks like:

6. Track Your Data and analytics

After completing steps one-five, track your results to see where you still have room to grow. This could include researching keywords again if you didn’t get it right the first time, pivoting your content, and more. Now just rinse and repeat these steps to continuously improve your website’s Google ranking!

7. Bonus Tip: switch from UA to GA, before its sunset date!

UA will stop processing hits on October 1st, 2023. So if your business hasn’t switched to GA4, you need to get on that. If you’re not sure how, reach out to our Marketing & Digital Services team for help. Our service encompasses not only the migration to GA4 but also the configuration of conversion-focused traffic elements like form submissions, cart interactions, email subscriptions, and phone inquiries. Additionally, we can provide personalized reports, ensuring that your business receives monthly data insight.

Strategic Factory offers a myriad of solutions to help your business improve its Google ranking.

Whether it’s search engine optimization, website development and redesign, marketing strategy, or digital marketing services, we can help remove the stress of boosting your business’s digital presence and create a custom strategy to reach your goals.

Reach out to our experts at [email protected] or 443.548.3500.

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