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November 9, 2016
Solution: Branded Apparel
Industry: Financial & Professional Services
feather flag signs

Feather flags (aka swooper or flutter flags) are a cost-effective and visually attractive method of branding your business.

Is your company utilizing the awesome marketing power of signage? Signs advertise for you 24/7, and have the lowest cost-per-impression of all the traditional marketing avenues.

Signage is meant to help reinforce your brand, draw attention to your business and create impulse sales.

The right sign is attractive, eye-catching and strategically placed to garner the most attention possible.

Our custom feather flags range in size from six to 15 feet tall, and typically are between two and three feet wide. They can be single or double-sided, and are available in multiple shapes and sizes (see graphic) and in a wide variety of materials. Our feather flags are lightweight yet sturdy enough to stand up to the elements, and are affordable enough to replace when the time comes.  They are typically installed outdoors but can be placed indoors as well; packages can be customized with bases and a carrying case that can be utilized at expos and trade shows. The competition!

We’ve recently designed and installed our own set of feather flags here at Strategic Factory (just in time for our upcoming Open House celebration!). We designed our flags in our agency colors (orange and blue) and incorporated our logo and brands into the finished pieces. Check out the pictures as well as a short clip on our YouTube channel.

Our team of designers will work with you to determine exactly what will work most effectively, and our experts in the field will take all necessary precautions (ie: checking with electric and utility companies before digging) before installing the finished product.

Turnaround time varies, but we can typically deliver within 7-10 business days from approval to production to installation.

Before purchasing, consider where the signage would be placed; again, feather flags can be either permanent or temporary depending on your needs. Most packages include a sectional aluminum and fiberglass pole, carrying case, and ground spike, but a cross base and/or weighted base could be added for an additional charge.

If you’re ready to increase brand awareness and profits, contact our Master Signs experts. We’ll help your company stand out from

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