A Guide to Planning for Your Next Event or Trade Show

Blog » A Guide to Planning for Your Next Event or Trade Show
August 10, 2022
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Events are a highly efficient and effective way to engage with your customers and prospects all at once. Plus, we all crave the in-person connections they provide. Also, consider the effectiveness of events and trade shows as a marketing tool, which is used as a source of new business opportunities and lead gathering by 64% of professionals. Proper planning allows you to position your business as a go-to expert and create trust with attendees. The fall event and trade show season is upon us—and there’s no better time to start thinking about how you can ensure successful results this season.

Make sure you not only put your brand on display at your next event or trade show but also have a strategy behind doing so. When boosting brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression, consider the following guide as you plan for the fall event season.

Get Your Audience There

A cohesive pre-event marketing plan allows your company to effectively reach potential attendees while creating organic interest in the event. Use social media, emails, and website announcements to let your customers and prospects know where you’ll be. You can also consider minimal-cost options, like direct mail or paid social media ads to target your audience. See if the event hosts have an attendee list so you can reach out to those attending ahead of time.

Set Up Your Booth

When it comes to standing out, your booth is the first thing others will see of your brand and business. If you want to make an impression and attract attendees to your booth, booth bundles are the perfect all-in-one solution. These bundles include all your branded display essentials, including pop-up banners, table cloths, tents/canopies, and more. There are different packages based on your needs, and custom options to ensure you’re making the most of your space. Best of all, these bundles make travel a breeze.

Brand Your Collateral and Swag

Everyone loves free swag! Fun and practical items will increase your brand awareness and recall power. Consider things that are on-trend with what customers love right now, like eco-friendly bags or tech bundles for those with hybrid schedules. Don’t forget to take time to refresh and stock up on your marketing collateral before the event or trade show. Along with a promotional giveaway, you want to ensure attendees leave with information about your business so they remember how you can help them and who they should contact.

Don’t Forget to Wear Your Brand

Keep your brand moving at an event by wearing it. You’re your brand’s ambassador at an event, and there’s no better way to get your business information out there than by having it on a t-shirt or other piece of branded apparel that everyone there will see. You can outfit your entire event team in the same uniform to ensure attendees are left viewing your business and brand with a high level of professionalism. But you don’t have to stop there—branded t-shirts are kept for an average of 14 months and generate an estimated 3,400 impressions throughout their lifetime. With that kind of impact, branded shirts and other apparel should factor into your giveaways. You can also make items like these more exclusive by including them in a drawing or contest to gather more interest in your booth.

After the Event

The event or trade show is over; now what? Your marketing opportunities don’t stop there. Reach out to the people you met and set up a time to follow up on what you discussed at the event. Use it as an opportunity to learn more about them and their needs so you can better recommend specific service offerings. You can also take the attendees list and find out who you missed. It’s an opportunity to reach out to those individuals you didn’t get a chance to chat with and see if they have any pain points you can help solve. Taking the time to follow up ensures you don’t miss out on an opportunity to partner on a project together.

Engaging with your audience in person at events is more than just exciting and fun; it’s also effective for your business. Thinking about your event strategy and overall goals are paramount to a successful event or show. Now is the time to start prepping for the fall event season, and at Strategic Factory, we’re ready to help. Our experts can assist you in the planning process to help you find the right strategies, branded displays, promotional giveaways, apparel, and more to meet your needs. As your single-point provider for all things events, we can help you through every step of the process, from product sourcing and branding to marketing strategy. Contact our team today to get started.

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