6 Tips To Having the Most Memorable Trade Show Booth

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November 22, 2016
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At each trade show there are often tens of thousands of attendees. Each of them will be given  tons of information and promo products that is sure to leave them overwhelmed. It is your mission to be one of the stand-out presenters at the trade show that will captivate their attention and make them remember you long after the convention has ended.

Below are 6 tips that will ensure that your booth is remembered

  1. Make it Interactive. Attendees are more likely to remember the booths that had interactive games or presentations. By interacting with visitors you give them memories to talk about and share with other potential clients. You build a rapport due to the personable nature of  interacting with the attendees. Have a game for your visitors to play when they visit your booth. Make the game fun and relevant to your product or service. You can also make it relevant to the theme or location of the event. For example, at this years Minuteman Press World Expo in Las Vegas, envelope manufacturers General Envelope hosted a dice rolling game at their table. Participants who rolled snake eyes were entered into a pool of candidates to win an iPad. This type of game keeps prospective clients at your table so that they are able to view the rest of your marketing materials and speak to you. Brainstorm interactive ways to draw attendees to your booth. Remember to collect their information before they participate.
  2. Have Retractable Banners. Get your booth seen from a distance with creatively designed retractable banners. These types of banners catch the eye and generates curiosity. They are an excellent marketing piece if used correctly. Hire a professional graphic design artist to make it colorful and attractive.Make sure that your company’s name is listed as well as important contact information. Include your social media links on the banner to encourage attendees to follow you.
  3. Host a Contest. This is a little different than having  an interactive component to your presentation. You can host this contest so that attendees don’t have to stay at your booth. Require your visitors to leave their contact information in exchange for entry. Give them the option to receive other information about your company in the event  they do not win. Let them know they will be notified via social media or on your website. By hosting a contest in this manner, attendees will remember you and visit your website or social media profiles to see if they have won. Remember, to post other exciting and useful content on your website and profiles to keep them on your page longer.
  4. Demo Your Service or Product. Be remembered by having samples of your product or service. This helps attendees get a feel for what you do. They can see the quality of your work, which will encourage them to utilize your services. If possible have a sample of your product for them to walk away with or a coupon for a discount.
  5. Give Promotion Item. Gift your visitors with a useful promotional item that has your logo, contact information and website. Give them something that they can use or see everyday so that they will have a constant reminder of your business. Examples of useful promo items are; flash drives, mobile device pockets, power banks, mugs, key chain bottle openers and key chain flash lights. These are items that they are more likely to use and not toss away.
  6. Use Social Media. Leading up to the trade show or conference be sure to post updates about your business’s attendance. Let them know where to find you at the conference. Give them teasers of what they can expect to receive from you, such as, trade show only discounts, promotional items and giveaways. Create a hashtag to post with your updates. Encourage attendees to tweet or connect with you via the hashtag that you create for the trade show. Encourage visitors to your booth to follow you on social media with any brochures and flyers they receive from you. Post pictures of your involvement in the trade show on your social media pages. Also, post reminders of discounts from the trade show.

For example. Tony’s ice cream truck at The Snack Convention could post this kind of status: Just 15 days left to use the 15% given at The Snack Convention. #TonysTSC2015 Check your flyer for the code!


Trade shows have the potential to attract you many new ready-to-buy customers if you come prepared. With exceptional marketing and post trade show follow-up, you can solidify your memory in the attendees’ minds. Here at Strategic Factory we are a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs. Consider our services for your next trade show or convention.

We offer printing, signage and promotional materials. In addition, we provide marketing strategy. We can help you choose the best marketing collateral to promote your brand so that you bring in more paying customers. Contact us today for a quote or any questions.

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