5 Reasons You Should be Using Online Company Stores to Manage Your Branded Items

Blog » 5 Reasons You Should be Using Online Company Stores to Manage Your Branded Items
March 31, 2023
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Managing company materials can be a challenging task, especially when you have a large team or when you’re dealing with multiple products and campaigns. In the past, companies had to rely on manual processes for managing their materials, which were time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. However, with online company stores, you can manage your company materials more effectively. They provide a number of benefits for managing your branded items, helping you save time, save money, and improve efficiency.

1. Custom Access

Give your employees access only to the materials they need and better manage your inventory. You can set up different levels of access, depending on the user’s role or department. For example, sales representatives may only have access to sales-related materials, while marketing professionals may have access to all marketing materials. By organizing access, you can ensure that your materials are being used effectively and efficiently.

2. Easy Distribution

Get your company-branded materials where they need to go, whether to your employees, customers, or prospects. If you need to send apparel to your team in another office or location, you can simply select the quantities and sizes of the items you need and have them sent directly to your employees. You can ensure your items can get to anyone, anywhere, without having to worry about the additional time and costs associated with ordering items only when you need them.

3. Order Management

If you’re running low on stock of any materials, you can be informed that it’s time to place a reorder for those items. When doing so, you have the opportunity to update the design, messaging, product version, and more prior to placing your order, so you can keep your items updated for the season and upcoming events or if you just want to make sure you always have the trendiest items on hand. You can also take advantage of seeing how quickly you run through stock on certain items so you can adjust your orders accordingly.

4. Centralized Inventory

One of the biggest benefits of using an online company store is that it provides a central location for storing all of your company-branded materials. By having a centralized location, anyone on your team can easily find what they need, when they need it, which can save you a lot of time and space inventorying your items yourself. It can be organized in custom ways to accommodate your business needs. Not to mention, you can then take advantage of bulk-order pricing to better manage costs associated with your branded products.

5. Cost Savings

Ordering and storing your branded materials can be expensive, especially if you have remote teams you need to ship these items to. With an online company store, you don’t have to worry about storing your items or the amount of time it would take to manage it. You can enjoy bulk-order pricing, off-site storage, and a storefront that allows you to select the items you need, at any time, and have them shipped wherever you need them to go with a few clicks of a mouse. Instead of you or your team focusing on the logistics of managing your company-branded materials, you can focus on what’s important—growing your business.

If you haven’t already, consider implementing an online company store for your organization to manage your branded materials effectively. Online company stores provide numerous benefits allowing you to streamline the management of your company-branded materials, saving you time, money, and ensuring consistent branding. Our team of experts at Strategic Factory can help you explore available options and offer suggestions to help create an online company store that’s effective for your business. Take advantage of the benefits of online company stores and contact us at 443.548.3500 or [email protected] to get started now.

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