5 Print Solutions to Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Blog » 5 Print Solutions to Enhance Your Digital Marketing
June 10, 2022
Solution: Marketing & Digital Solutions
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It’s no secret that marketing recently made a major shift towards digital, as businesses took advantage of the 25% surge in internet usage and adopted a remote approach due to the pandemic. Digital marketing has become the most popular means of business as it continues to grow, improve, and innovate. However, that doesn’t mean companies should ignore print marketing. Print works hand-in-hand with digital marketing to increase brand awareness and reinforce brand messaging.

There are many ways that print can help your business stay competitive, attract prospects, engage with customers, and drive revenue. Here are some print solutions you can seamlessly incorporate into your digital marketing efforts.

1. Direct Mail

Direct mail is a highly effective marketing tool—66% of all direct mail is opened by consumers, and 82% is read for a minute or more. When coupled with digital marketing, you can anticipate a greater reach and increased response rates (making for a better ROI). There are many ways your business can integrate direct mail with digital marketing, such as sending a physical piece to your target audience and following up with an email or including a QR code on a direct mail piece that links to a social media platform or your website. With multiple options and manageable cost, direct mail is one of the best print solutions you need to be taking advantage of right now.

2. Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral takes your digital marketing and makes it tangible—and collateral like brochures or magazines are often looked at repeatedly or passed around to others, giving it mileage and extending your reach. These print pieces help reiterate what is communicated in your digital marketing and can redirect your audience back to your digital marketing campaigns. The best part is that they’re an effective tool in showcasing your product and services more thoroughly, supporting what you’re sharing with your audience digitally.

3. Personalized Print Items

Updated print technology and software have made several cool features possible. One feature that takes advantage of your digital marketing efforts is variable data printing, which allows you to personalize countless print items, including notepads, folders, brochures, and more. You can follow up your digital marketing efforts by sending a kit to your audience that includes these personalized pieces to re-engage with them and help increase recall power.

4. Business Cards

Business cards are essential for making connections; they’re affordable, tangible, and leave a lasting impression. Perfect for networking events, business cards are easy to distribute and allow you to make a personal interaction. Support your digital marketing efforts by adding social media handles to encourage social engagement. You can also include a QR code to online marketing collateral.

5. Stationery

Stationery items are business essentials and are a simple way to keep your brand in front of the customer. A cost-effective print solution, branded stationery offers a sense of professionalism that’s practical and creates a positive association with your brand. For consistency in your digital marketing efforts, the physical stationery pieces should lend themselves to being duplicated digitally as well.

Both print marketing and digital marketing are effective in helping your business reach your audience and can be even more effective when used together. At Strategic Factory, our team of experts offers versatile printing solutions and services that will help boost your brand visibility on and offline. We can help you deliver a dynamic marketing campaign that takes advantage of the versatility of print and compliments your digital efforts. Contact our team today to ensure your brand gets in front of your customers and prospects effectively.

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