5 Key Actions to Capitalize More Business This Fall

Blog » 5 Key Actions to Capitalize More Business This Fall
August 3, 2023
Solution: Direct Mail & Mailing Solutions
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Do you want to capitalize on seasonal trends and maximize profitability as you roll into Fall?
Then prepare your business with these five key steps! It’s hard to believe it, but we’re nearing the end of Summer and soon Fall will bring new goals. This time of year requires informed decision-making, performance evaluation, and strategic planning to keep on top of making 2023 your most successful business year yet.

1. Perform a Marketing Audit

A marketing audit will help improve your 2023 tactics and create a 2024 budget. Now is the time to decide where to spend, when, and get the best bang for your buck no matter your size or spending power. How was your ROI? Did your SEO rank your business high enough on Google? Did you set the right KPIs? Does your conversion rate need help? In comes your need for a marketing audit so you can make a strategic plan to ensure your business is on track for a good year. Not sure how to assess your marketing audit? Partner with our full-service marketing and digital services team today and see how we can stretch your dollar further by offloading your work to our team and backing your business with more strategy and know-how.

2. Make Your Seasonal Promotions Visible

Seasonal promotions are crucial for capitalizing on customer demand this Fall. You’ll want to ensure your business is adequately pushing your seasonal promotions with the right signage so that your customers are best engaged and will ultimately lead to a better drive in sales. Depending on your seasonal promotions, you might want something large format like truck wraps and wall graphics or something smaller like yard signs and banners. Maybe you need something static like wayfinding signs or something digital with rotating graphics like LED displays and message boards. Whatever your needs, get the most out of your seasonal promotions and partner with our team of signage experts to get you the right products, with the right materials, and at the right price.

3. Refresh Your Marketing Materials

Refreshing your marketing materials should be done seasonally. Have you been keeping up with this? You’ll want to make sure all information is up to date and that seasonal promotions are being highlighted. As Fall approaches, you may want to examine your business’ marketing materials, from flyers to brochures, pricing guides, calendars, stationary, NCR forms, and more. Our printing experts are here to help guide you on materials, size, and strategy, along with our in-house graphic designers to guide you on layouts, templates, and file edits. Get started on refreshing your marketing materials today!

4. Diversify Your Outreach Strategy

Has your outreach strategy been falling flat this year? It’s time to take inventory of your efforts and consider an omni-channel marketing approach. If your business isn’t already diversifying its outreach strategy between multiple touchpoints, it should be! By implementing an omni-channel marketing approach of both direct mail and digital marketing, you will maximize impact with minimal spending. Contact our team today about how they can lift your response rates 23-46% by implementing an omni-channel marketing approach to diversify your outreach. Hit your audience with social media targeting before, during, and after they receive a physical mailing piece. Make use of geotargeting, Informed Delivery, tracking, QR code technology, and more. You’ll see much bigger results by working your print and digital strategies in tandem.

5. Capitalize on Seasonal Trends & events

There will soon be a clear shift in the air as the world exits Summer and settles into Fall. Schools will go back into session, temps will turn cooler, and business will need to ramp up for Fall. Now is the time to plan your business’ seasonal events and ensure you have the right supplies to be a successful host. Take inventory of common event items like branded tablecloths, tents, apparel… and especially giveaways! If you need help filling the gaps or aren’t sure where to start, contact our team today and we’ll strategize with you how to best capitalize on seasonal trends as you prepare your business for its unique Fall events.

Strategic Factory offers a myriad of solutions to help you capitalize more business this Fall.

Whether it’s improving your marketing, digital presence, signage, custom print materials, engagement rates, or making sure you’re stocked with branded promotional products and apparel, we can help remove the stress from preparing your business for Fall and create strategic products and plans to keep you in line with hitting your year-end goals.

Reach out to our experts at [email protected] or 443.548.3500 to get started on preparing your business for Fall.

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