5 Hot Promo Trends for Summer 2022

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May 10, 2022
Solution: Promotional Products
sun hat, sunglasses, and a beach tow laying on the side of a pool on a hot summer day

Did you know 57% of consumers keep the promo items they receive for more than five years? As the promo industry continues growing (8% a year since 2017), there are more items than ever to meet your needs. Ensure you’re connecting with your customers and employees by offering products they’ll love and want to use. With the start of each season, it’s good to look at what you have on hand and freshen things up with new items essential for the coming months.

Right now, we’re gearing for warmer weather. From employee retreats to company fundraisers, it’s just better in the summer. You’ll want to start planning now to get the hottest promo products your team and clients can use all season long, and these are the top five items expected to be trending this summer.

1. Beach

The beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations. You’ll want to ensure you have promo items on hand to keep your clients and employees comfortable in the sun. Plus, they’ll love using products like beach blankets and cooler bags that are multipurpose and never go out of style.

2. Wellness

Wellness is one of the trendiest markets in promo products this year. Consider thoughtful gifts and giveaways like hand sanitizer, sunblock, and other items that promote self-care. Being a part of their wellness journey will create a strong positive association with your company and brand.

3. Golf

It’s officially golf season, and whether hosting a tournament or going to one, all things golf will be widespread from now until the fall. These items are heavily used and cherished among golfers, so make an impression with quality items that will last, like golf umbrellas, golf towels, and folding chairs.

4. BBQ

Calling all grillmasters! As summer comes into full swing, it’s no secret people across the country love getting outside to grill. Your team and customers alike will value items like grilling aprons and mosquito-repelling lanterns, perfect for including in appreciation bundles.

5. Travel

Getting to your favorite destinations is more stylish and easier than before. So whether for business or personal, great totes and packing cubes are a necessity to stay organized. They’re also the perfect items to include in a retreat bundle for your team this summer.

Supply Chain

While we feel optimistic, the supply chain isn’t back to what it was pre-pandemic. Product availability and delivery times are still being impacted, so we ask you to please continue ordering your items early and remain flexible.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking advantage of the latest summer promo trends. Still, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Strategic Factory, our promo experts can work with you to keep your customers and employees on-trend while keeping your brand top of mind. Contact our experts for more information on what Strategic Factory can do for you and your brand. If you need some summer inspiration, check out our latest lookbook, Summer 2022: Outdoors & Travel.

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