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Newsletters are a great marketing tool to help you keep in touch with your audience. Being one of the most important forms of communication from a business to its customers, newsletters remind your clientele that you are here, awaiting their business, and ready to work. Thinking about turning your newsletter into a direct mail campaign? Need help with a design, layout, content writing, printing or mailing? We're ready to assist you with your next newsletter project.


Newsletters are a great way to not only establish credibility with your customers and prospects, but also promote upcoming specials, feature new products, and educate your audience as industry experts.

Here are a few tips:

  • Consider handing them out at trade shows, sales calls, or providing them at your front desk.
  • Consider an “Ask an Expert” section.
  • Always include a call to action.
  • Mail on a regular schedule and stick to it.
  • Match your branding. Be sure to use your logo, typeface and colors to match all your other marketing material. 
  • Be sure to leave room to promote all of your social media channels.
  • Go digital. Whether it’s an e-newsletter, digital edition or a PDF, take your content and send it out via email. Print and digital work best as a team!

Need more inspiration? We can help build your brand, write content, print your newsletters and even mail them out for you! Contact our team of experts today!

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  • Tamarian

    Strategic Factory has been a huge asset to our company these past few months. The team was always professional, easy to work with and provided an outstanding level of customer service Their Zen-like patience and attention to detail helped us produce two beautiful catalogs in a few short months. We are truly impressed and will be back with any future projects.