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CLIENT: Roland Park Place

Roland Park Place is the only full-service, accredited not-for-profit continuing care retirement community in Baltimore City offering premier access to city life coupled with the comfort and convenience of suburban living — all within a beautifully landscaped park-like setting with breathtaking city skyline views.

A charming alternative to traditional senior living, the Roland Park Place community supports lifestyles over the age of 60 at any physical or cognitive ability with their maintenance-free Independent Living, Residential Care Assisted Living, Memory Care Assisted Living, and comprehensive/skilled nursing care.

CHALLENGE: Increase Occupancy Rates Amid Expansion

With the completion of an expansive eight-story addition, Roland Park Place aimed to increase occupancy rates for both existing and new residences. While occupancy rates for the original building were at a healthy 80.6%, the goal was to pre-sell the 58 new residences within six months while also enhancing overall occupancy rates of the original residences. Hitting these goals would take a well-finessed marketing strategy that can speak to two different audiences without cannibalizing opportunities for the other.

RESULTS: Occupancy Increased from 80.6% to 91.6%

With occupancy rates soaring from 80.6% to 91.6% and 52 apartments filled, our marketing strategy exceeded expectations. By pivoting remaining mailings to build a waitlist, we ensured a steady stream of highly engaged leads, saving time and effort for the sales team. The messaging transitioned seamlessly, positioning Roland Park Place as a cohesive entity, ultimately driving increased occupancy and reducing sales overhead.

Overall, there were 621,431 ad displays, 2,214 clicks, 9,615 leads, and 31,300 unique visitors to social media proving that our holistic strategy not only filled new residences but also revitalized interest in existing ones, showcasing our expertise in senior living marketing.

SOLUTION: A Marketing Campaign from an Agency that Does It All

Strategic Factory devised a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting both prospective residents for the new expansion and those interested in existing residences. With Strategic Factory’s single-point provider business model, the marketing agency was able to not only outline brand strategy and build the campaign, but also produce a lot of the finished goods in-house thanks to the commercial printing and mailhouse production teams, saving Roland Park Place time and money with a streamlined process.

PROCESS: ‘Only One Like It’ Marketing Campaign

Our ‘Only One Like It’ marketing campaign focused on personalization, organic engagement, and uniqueness, guided by data-driven insights. We tailored our approach to address pain points and leverage Roland Park Place’s assets, such as their experienced sales team.

  • Campaign Outline– Listen to pain points, learn about assets, and outline a marketing strategy that will work best for them. Pain points consisted of slow-to-fill residences, assets consisted of a dedicated and experienced sales team, and based on conversations about their marketing history, we suggested a more tailored campaign that introduces more personalization both in messaging, target audience, and customer journey.
  • Direct Mail– Recognizing the effectiveness of direct mail for the target demographic, we curated mailing lists based on key demographics like age, income, location, and interest. We then distributed the campaign in 5000-piece batches, optimizing for the Roland Park Place sales team’s capacity. This allowed for swift follow-ups on leads and personalized attention. Each mailing emphasized urgency and featured floor plans strategically, leading to steady growth in leads and conversions. We projected 10 mailings would meet our objectives, continuously refining our approach by analyzing engagement and conversion data after each mailing.
  • Email & Video – We outlined a guide for the Roland Park Place sales team to be integrated into the campaign efforts. Their role would consist of providing personal, one-to-one communication with segmented lists within the target audience that we provided based on collected data from the campaign’s engagements. They also produced video content based on our brief of key topics and selling points that mirrored the direct mail messaging of each mailing drop to emphasize the urgency of each floor plan’s unique angle. This approach maintained campaign personalization while our Agency team handled strategy, easing the sales team’s execution.
  • Social Media – To expand touchpoints beyond direct mail and email, we developed a tailored social media advertising strategy for each mail drop. This increased audience touches from 1-3 to 8-12, enhancing brand recognition, campaign performance, and conversions. Social media ads were seamlessly integrated with direct mail visuals and messaging, reaching recipients through banners, displays, and posts using our DM Booster technology. Our Agency team ensured alignment with each mailing for timely effectiveness.

Associated Company

Baltimore City’s first and only accredited LifePlan Community.

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