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Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Ready-To-Fly offers drone services for several different industries including residential and commercial real estate, construction, and residential and commercial inspection. They offer photography, videography, and post-production processing.

Challenge: Brand Identity

Ready-To-Fly was without a brand concept to promote its services. They needed a complete brand development strategy as well as brand management—from brand awareness and name recognition to a logo and a website.

Due diligence was completed, to include research into the company and services as well as into the industry itself.

Process & Solution: Consistent Vision

Due diligence was completed, to include research into the company and services as well as into the industry itself. Gaining an understanding of clients and competitors would offer insight into Ready-To-Fly’s position in the marketplace.

Equipment, experience, and image quality were identified as the most important selling features of their product, which is reflected in the final logo and its focus on a modern, technologically-driven design. It features an illustration of a high-end drone combined with a sleek font and a hint of motion. The visual identity was applied to the website, stationery, promotional materials, and brochures. Additional attention was given to the company’s website to ensure it highlighted the exceptional equipment and services offered as well as a portfolio that included engaging videos and images.

Ultimately, Ready-To-Fly was successfully branded to have a consistent visual identity and brand presence. By implementing their brand identity and increasing their marketing efforts with their website and marketing collateral, they were able to create a more competitive presence in their market.

Associated Company

Ready to Fly drones services based in Boca Raton, Florida provides real estate & sales support, property & roof inspections, country clubs and events, and construction surveying.

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