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Creative & Design, Print, Promo Items

Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Mariner Finance offers personal financial solutions to its customers in over 500 branches in 27 states. They pride themselves on living in the communities they serve, being a committed lender offering creative, flexible, and convenient loan options. Financial loan options they offer include personal loans, debt consolidation loans, car loans, and home loans.

Challenge: Building a Bigger Brand

Mariner Finance has always aspired to build its business and expand its reach. Primarily focused on service to their customers, they started out serving communities in the Maryland-Washington, D.C. area specifically but wanted to offer nationwide assistance. To do so, they knew they had to boost their brand identity and reach. Mariner Finance knew there was an audience actively seeking out loans. However, they wanted to be recognized as the trusted, go-to lender capable of working with individual customers to best meet their specific financial needs.

Custom business cards with unique finishes and creative laminates
Direct mail to help customers after you've moved locations
Custom box in full color design
Scored bifold notecard
Custom printed and designed letterhead
Pocket Folder

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…they knew they had to boost their brand identity and reach.

Process & Solution: Brand Management Hub

To increase brand awareness on a national level, there needed to be brand consistency across collateral and a direct marketing strategy to get the name and business in front of prospective customers. To do so, they needed one place to go to for their marketing resources. As the company grew and the number of locations increased, Mariner Finance needed further support in managing that growth as well as marketing to new and current customers.  

Ultimately, Mariner Finance came to rely on a single-point solution to allow for easier brand management and the development of innovative marketing efforts. What started as brand management of printed materials has expanded as business needs have changed. With a growing number of branded items over the years, these items were built into an online company store. The company store works similarly to an e-commerce website but is only for Mariner Finance and its employees. They can get their apparel, promo, marketing collateral, and print material ordered on-demand and sent wherever it needs to go (anytime of day). In addition to a number of signage projects, they’re currently focused on employee recruitment and retention. Different kits are built to recognize employees for reaching company milestones and welcoming new hires, with both kits including branded items to maintain the brand awareness they’ve worked so hard to build.