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Jimmy’s Famous Seafood operates a door-to-door meal service, ‘Jimmy’s Famous Meals,’ and was in need of a plan to create new local leads for growing sales.

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The Project 

With a service offering home-delivered goods, it’s a no-brainer to meet the target audience where they are – at home– with a direct mail campaign backed by ‘Direct Mail Booster’ technology.


direct mail postcard promoting meal services for Jimmy's Famous Seafood

The Process

An omni-channel marketing approach using ‘Direct Mail Booster’ technology is our secret weapon for making direct mail campaigns perform so well. With options from QR codes to social matching, geo-targeting, Informed Delivery, and more, we can create data-driven results. On average, it takes eight touchpoints to win a sale and can be as many as fifty depending on the buying stage. With an omni-channel marketing approach using ‘Direct Mail Booster,’ you are increasing your touchpoints and their relevancy.

It can take between 1-50 touchpoints

to win a sale depending on the buying stage.

With the Jimmy’s Famous Meals campaign, we sent 11,397 physical mailers backed by ‘Direct Mail Booster’ for five times the touchpoints. Breaking down the numbers, this achieved 97,028 ad displays and 2,946 email opens, growing 2,453 new leads with 8.5 impressions per piece.



Is Direct Mail Booster right for you?

Let us take care of your next direct mail campaign with our ‘Direct Mail Booster’ technology for an omni-channel marketing approach. See the data-driven results boost your leads, impressions, and engagement rate across multiple platforms in a singular action. Our team is standing by to get you results.

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