Cooking Up Conversions with SEO

Marketing & Digital

Bilotta Kitchen & Home was founded in 1985 and is an industry leader in custom cabinetry and interior home design. Based in Mamaroneck, NY with additional showrooms in Mount Kisco, NY, Greenwich, CT, and in the A&D Building in Manhattan, they’re known for producing the finest hand-crafted cabinet installations worldwide.

Challenge: Driving Traffic to a New Website

Bilotta has been an SEO client of ours since 2017. Our main goals have been to provide them with qualified leads likely to convert to paying customers and connect with prospects that match the target audience actively searching online for their products and services. They requested assistance with planning and implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to leverage their industry-leading solutions to the public. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic through organic search engine results using techniques like user-friendly navigation, page loading speed, relevant and quality content, internal linking of subject matters, and more. They also wanted to increase their organic and direct website traffic using social media in addition to SEO.

"Strategic Factory is an excellent company to partner with! They have shepherded our entire SEO campaign, which drastically increased our client base. We have learned so much from them—they truly are a partner and are always willing and able to assist, explain, teach, and provide us with the pertinent info we need to make sure we have the best website and online presence and results possible. I would recommend them to any company wishing to increase their visibility online, not just through a beautifully designed website but through Google and other search engines. They are where it’s at!!!" - Kristin Ohmacht, Director of Marketing & Advertising (Bilotta Kitchen & Home)

Process & Solution: Executing a Plan to Enhance Rankings

In 2021, our team helped Bilotta complete a rebrand. After that, the focus shifted to ensuring customers and prospects engaged with the updated brand and converted. Initial due diligence was completed into how competitors ranked in search engine results pages (SERPs) and tracking how customers found the website. From there, a plan was developed to boost traffic to the site while tracking the data to ensure the customer journey delivered the desired results.

Since then, Bilotta has continued creating blog posts for their website to allow us to research opportunities for best SEO practices, including optimizing metadata (describes data and provides a structure to sort and identify that information) for each blog post. Our marketing and digital services team reviews backlinks (links from one website to another), adding some to the disavow file (which lets search engines know the links or domain names that should be removed from the backlink profile). We write and implement metadata for pages that have duplicate metadata, ensuring Bilotta’s website would be able to rank for each product and service they offer. Site performance and indexation are monitored in Google Search.

Results are tracked through Google Analytics, Google Search Console, DeepCrawl, and SEMRush. When comparing the data from the rebrand in 2021 to continued SEO efforts implemented in July 2022, it was discovered that first-page national rankings increased by nine positions overall, and second-page national rankings increased by 33 positions overall. Currently, no malware and zero crawl errors (which can prevent pages from being indexed with search engines) have been reported. Bilotta’s website saw an increase in the number of pages indexed over the past year, from 153 pages to 209 pages. Ultimately, the efforts made by our team delivered a boost to Bilotta’s conversion rate, which was up 6.60% since 2021 alone. When looking at the overall period since working with our team on SEO best practices, their conversion rate is up 187%.