Dill Dinkers Pickleball Franchise Partners with Strategic Factory

September 26, 2023 / Company News

dill dinkers pickleball franchise founders standing in front of pickleball court

Image source: Baltimore Business Journal


Proud Partners of Dill Dinkers Pickleball

We are proud to announce our partnership with Dill Dinkers Pickleball, the established leader of indoor pickleball, known for its fun, friendly, and welcoming environment. “Dill Dinkers Pickleball is more than just a business, it’s a close-knit community,” said Keith Miller, President and CEO of Strategic Factory. “What impressed me the most about Dill Dinkers is how buttoned up and organized the team has been since day one. Getting to experience first-hand the strong support system, and partnerships they have had in place goes to show they have been prepared for the demand well ahead of their franchising launch. Having had the privilege to work with several successful national brands and franchise organizations over the years, we are excited to now also be a formal extension of the Dill Dinkers Pickleball team and to play a part of the brand’s successful growth.”


the solution: Enhance Franchisee support

Dill Dinkers Pickleball is experiencing exponential franchise growth. As a proud partner of Dill Dinkers, we are the single-point solution for all of their marketing and branding needs, ensuring uniformity and consistency across all Dill Dinkers franchise facilities. As the brand opens locations across the nation, owners & operators can benefit from comprehensive franchisee kits that provide printing, signage, apparel, promotions, design services, digital marketing, and direct mail aiding in grand opening support, and more. Franchisees will be able to utilize the fully customized online portal to order all business essentials.


A note from Founders, Will & Denise Richards

“We started Dill Dinkers because of our passion for the sport and the community it has provided us,” said Co-Founder and CEO Will Richards, alongside his wife Denise, Co-Founder, and COO, and brings his own franchise owner-operator experience to the table as a former Domino’s multi-unit franchisee.  “As a former franchisee myself, it was crucial for us to ensure both owner-operators and investors could succeed. We spent our time crafting the perfect business model and support system in place to ensure both single-unit and regional developers could achieve success in tandem with the rapid growth of the sport and the demand for indoor pickleball. We are thrilled to be growing like we have been and are grateful for our collaboration with Strategic Factory to ensure wherever pickleball players are, they can enjoy the sport in a Dill Dinkers, just as much as we do.”

Dill Dinkers Founder Quote 'Our Vision is to spread the art of pickleball worldwide'

Image source: Dill Dinkers Facebook


We’re honored the Dill Dinkers team has chosen to partner with Strategic Factory and we can’t wait to help their franchise grow further in their success, bringing their vision of spreading the joy of pickleball worldwide.


For franchise information, visit dilldinkers.com/franchising or contact Dr. Ben Litalien at blitalien@dilldinkers.com