Three Ways to Grow Your Business by Attending Events

March 10, 2023 / Digital Marketing

Spring is a season of renewal and growth, and for many businesses, it’s also a time for attending events and conferences. These events offer opportunities for networking, learning, and growth and can be instrumental in helping you reach your customers and prospects and grow your business. Let’s explore how you can make the most out of attending your upcoming events and conferences.

1. Market your business

Events and conferences offer you the ability to market your business. Look for events that offer sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities, and take advantage of them to showcase your products or services to a targeted audience. If you’re sponsoring an event, make sure your logo is prominently displayed on event materials, such as giveaways, handouts, and banners. If you’re exhibiting, create an eye-catching display that showcases your products or services and attracts potential customers.

To make the most of these opportunities, create a marketing plan. Your marketing plan should include pre-event marketing, such as promoting your attendance on social media or sending out email newsletters to potential clients. You should also plan for on-site marketing, such as having marketing materials or product demos available at your booth. Post-event marketing is also essential. Follow up with any customers or prospects you connected with at the event to keep the conversation going.

2. Network effectively

Networking is one of the most significant benefits of attending events and conferences, and it’s essential to prepare for it. This means creating a list of contacts you’d like to meet and ensuring your team attending is using consistent messaging to describe your business and what you do. It’s also important to have your essential print items, like business cards and brochures, to offer something tangible for those you connect with to have as a takeaway. By building relationships and establishing yourself as a valuable resource in your industry, you can create new business opportunities and partnerships.

Don’t forget to be open to learning opportunities while also networking. Attending events and conferences is an excellent way to learn new skills and gain insights into your industry while engaging with like-minded professionals to get their perspectives on the topics being discussed. By actively participating in these sessions, you can gain valuable knowledge while connecting with customers or prospects, both helping you grow your business.

3. Stay connected

Attending events and conferences is just the beginning of building relationships with other professionals in your industry. After the event, make sure to stay connected with the contacts you’ve made. Connect with them on social media and LinkedIn, and send a follow-up email thanking them for the opportunity to meet. Keep them updated on your business’s news and developments, and look for ways to collaborate or work together in the future. Following up after the event is just as important as attending the event itself. It allows you to stay connected, so you can continue to build relationships and create new business opportunities long after the event has ended.


Attending events and conferences can be highly beneficial by offering opportunities for networking, learning, marketing, and inspiration that can help you achieve your business goals. To take full advantage of these benefits, it’s essential to plan ahead and prepare a plan to stay connected after the event has ended. Our team of experts at Strategic Factory can help you get event-ready by creating and producing all of of your print marketing items, branded promotional items and apparel, as well as banners and booth displays. We’re the only resource you need, so contact us to get started now and have everything you need for your next event to help you start growing your business.