The Top 4 Gift Kits of the 2022 Holiday Season

October 7, 2022 / Customer Relationships

Gift sets, bundles, and kits are an all-in-one solution that will show appreciation for those who support your business. 77% of recipients enjoy receiving gifts and feel valued when they do. So if you’re reaching out to current customers, welcoming new ones, or bringing employees together, a holiday gift kit is a perfect way to show them some love this season. The best part is they’re customizable, allowing you to create unique gifts for those on your list. Check out our four favorite gift kits that are trending right now for the holidays.

Food and Cocktail

Give the gift of warm holiday memories with food or cocktail kits and enjoy a fun night in. These gift sets include carefully curated items to make a perfect themed evening or event around. You can also include some of their favorite snacks to add a personal touch and make your recipients feel special.

Health and Wellness

Bring comfort and joy to your customers and employees with spa sets and other gift bundles that encourage self-care and relaxation, such as high-quality slipper and robe sets or yoga kits. Also, consider including items that help create a relaxing environment, like aromatherapy candles.

Digital and Tech

Keep your team on the cutting edge with tech gifts they’ll enjoy using, whether in the office or remote. Kits like a digital journal and pen set or a tech organizer and backpack bundle are practical items that can be used all year. You can complete these gift kits with a power bank to ensure they stay fully charged.

Work and Productivity

A new year is a chance for a fresh start, and office kits are the perfect solution for starting the year off right. Gift sets that include items like a leatherbound journal and pen also offer options for personalization to make it extra special. Also, consider including desk toys in your office gift kit. Items like coaster game sets or small tumbling blocks look professional for the office while creating a comfortable working environment.

Holiday gift kits provide a complete gift experience for your customers and employees. As your single-point provider for holiday gifting, our experts are ready to help you pick out the perfect gift kits to meet your needs. We can also send them wherever they need to go. In need of ideas? Our 2022 Holiday Lookbook offers festive inspiration to help you pick gift kits and other holiday gifts your customers and team will love. Keep in mind the supply chain is still impacting product availability and delivery times, so contact us today to get started on your order.