What You Need to Know About Branding Your Workspace for 2022

November 2, 2021 / Graphic Design & Branding

Having only seven seconds to make a first impression, your brand can quickly add legitimacy and value to your business. More than a logo or a tagline, it’s an emotional connection that tells your customers and employees what they should expect when working with you. The more consistent your brand, the more recognizable your company becomes and the more loyalty you generate. 

When you brand your workspace, you’re able to tell your story. Whether it’s about where you came from, where you’re going, or what your values are, a branded space is an opportunity for you to tell others what you want them to understand about you. A branded workspace gives your customers and employees alike the ability to interact with your brand.

Creates a memorable customer experience

When you effectively brand your space, you encourage your customers to not only walk in the door but also to keep coming back. It should be applied across multiple areas of customer interaction to increase familiarity. It’ll keep your company’s branding as well as the products and services you offer top of mind. Allowing your customers to continually experience your brand when they come into your workspace will encourage their loyalty and trust in your company. 

Boosts employee morale

A branded space keeps your current employees engaged and attracts new ones. The workplace environment accounts for as much as 25% of job satisfaction. As your employees return from a fully remote environment, giving them an opportunity to experience your brand in the workspace will get them more excited about returning to the office and create a sense of comradery and unity. They’ll have a clear vision of what’s expected of them as well as your overall company goals. 

What should I brand in my workspace?

Your workspace is large and there are many options to consider when it comes to branding the entirety of a space. Vinyl graphics and wraps are extremely effective on open walls and in elevators or stairwells. You can install branded directional signage as well as frosted glass on office windows and doors. However, it doesn’t end with the interior. Your exterior is an important component of your branded space, especially if you’re located in a high-trafficked location. Exterior signage sparks interest and attracts customers and prospects to your business.

Aside from signage, promotional products and materials within your space should also be branded. Consider branding items like pens and mousepads as well as office equipment to ensure you’re offering a full experience. 

What’s next?

Now’s the time to brand your own workspace. Invest your end-of-year budget into improving your workspace for the year ahead. When you’re ready to upgrade your brand space, contact the team at Strategic Factory. Our team will help make your space look and feel unique to your business with branded touches you won’t find anywhere else. We offer signage, promotional products, and a variety of materials and substrates to help increase your brand awareness and grow your customer base. Call us at 443.548.3500 or email us at info@strategicfactory.com to get started!