State of the Industry: Supply Chain Impacts

September 15, 2021 / Company News

UPDATE: We’re in the midst of a global supply chain issue with no reprieve in sight. The expectation is that it will have a significant effect on the holiday gift-buying season. While we’re trying to get ahead of it as much as possible, we urge you to order your gifts now for the best chance at securing your desired items in time.


As we navigate the current economic climate in the U.S., we’ve come across challenges affecting our supply chain and the associated costs of doing business. At Strategic Factory, we’re developing solutions to mitigate these issues to continue providing exemplary service and innovative product offerings to our customers.


We’ve ordered products months in advance and are prioritizing high-volume items to reduce shortages of everyday products. We’re also assisting our suppliers with transportation and receiving.


We’ve proactively increased the size of our teams to handle the anticipated demand. In addition, we’ve implemented innovative recruiting, hiring, and retention practices to attract and keep the best talent and subject matter experts throughout our organization.

How You Can Help

Order Early

Allowing more time to produce and ship your order gives us the best chance to meet deadlines for events and other essential initiatives.

Be Flexible

Identifying alternative product offerings allows us the flexibility to meet your needs as inventory is moving at record speed.

Act Quickly

Swift decision-making with quotes and proofs gives us the best chance to secure the items you want when you need them.

Order In Bulk

Ordering larger quantities of items you know you will always use, like stationery and promotional products, minimizes possible delays associated with reorders.

If you have any questions about specific products or supply chain updates, please email us at or call us at 443.548.3500.