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Celebrate Christmas in July with Custom Employee Appreciation Boxes

July 20, 2021 / Marketing

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It’s a simple fact that businesses are successful in part because of the hard work of dedicated employees. As we head back into the office, now is the perfect time to show your team you’re appreciation for their hard work over the past year. While there are several different ways to recognize your employees, custom employee gift boxes are effective and well-received. They are versatile, personable, and a direct way to show your employees that you value their contributions.   


Your employees want recognition as individuals. A custom approach to showing appreciation with an employee gift box is thoughtful and shows they’re valued. According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, when an employee feels valued at work, it leads to a healthy and productive relationship between the employer and employee. It’s also linked to better physical and mental health overall, leading to a more engaged team, whether in the office or remote.


Employee appreciation boxes are a great way to encourage your employees to continue doing great work by recognizing their efforts. In a survey conducted by Knack Gifts, 81% of employees say they feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer, and another 56% of employees say they feel recognized for doing a good job. Through recognition, you can foster better job performance and higher levels of employee satisfaction. 

Morale Boosting

Show your employees you’re as committed and as loyal to them as they are to you. A custom approach aligned with your company’s messaging shows effort, which allows your team to feel more connected to your company and makes them want to stay. They’ll have more confidence in their abilities and overall performance, leading to heightened enthusiasm and more productivity.  

Recruit and Retain

Customizable employee appreciation gifts are a great way to encourage employee and company growth. According to HR Technologist, 63% of employees recognized by their employers are very unlikely to look for a new job. Aside from retaining current employees, an appreciation box is a great way to attract new talent looking for an opportunity that will make them feel valued. 

Don’t wait to make time to appreciate your employees. A custom approach will lead to a team that feels valued and respected. As your single-point provider for custom employee appreciation boxes,
Strategic Factory can do it all for you. We can select and source customized items, manage your budget and schedule, pack your gift boxes, and even ship them out to each employee. Call us at 443.548.3500 or email us at to get started.



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