2020 Trends in Print Marketing

June 24, 2020 / Print & Direct Mail

In a world where people spend an average of 50% of their day looking at a screen (computer, tablet, phone, or TV), consumers find print marketing refreshing, engaging, and credible.

This week, we bring you the top four trends in print marketing and design. Our team of experts are well-versed in the latest design trends and can help you hit the mark with your audience this summer!

  • Muted Color Palettes – The vivid and bold patterns of 2019 are out, and softer hues are in! Muted color palettes are highly saturated colors that have been subdued by adding a tint or tone of black, white, or a complementary color. It makes text and content pop to drive home your brand’s message and identity more effectively.
  • Bold, Serif Fonts - Speaking of text: this year, we see lots of bold, serif fonts that our designers are using to create contrast with muted color palettes. Why? Because it stands out and commands your reader’s attention while communicating authority and urgency.
  • Genuine And Neutral Stock Photos – Generally, a change in color trends influences a shift in stock photos as well. With the popular muted color palette, you can expect more neutral stock photos to communicate to your audience a sense of calm, simplicity, and warmth.
  • Unique Paper Selection – The paper stock you choose can genuinely enhance your message and overall experience for your customers. The trend this year is ornate and unique paper stock. Companies are doing all they can to win over consumers with more ‘high-end’ print pieces. Be sure to consider thickness, weight, opacity, and coating when you decide how best to convey your messaging.

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