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4 Tips for Effective Branding During a Crisis

May 27, 2020 / Graphic Design & Branding

When you hear the word “branding,” the first image that may come to mind is visual promotion, products, and advertising. But branding is also about being true to your company’s message and protecting your reputation. Global unrest can turn business operational procedures upside-down. As a CEO or manager, your priority may be the bottom line, but take a step back to recognize the players who are vital in recouping revenue. It is a sensitive time, and businesses need to be transparent and genuine if they want to retain their employees and customers. The investment of time will inevitably yield a profit.

Branding Is a Sink or Swim Variable Right Now

Consumers and employees are looking for companies they can trust. As employees and consumers, it is essential to know that the companies we do business with have our backs, especially in difficult times. The easier you make our lives, the better we’ll feel about working for/with you.

Branding starts from within. According to Forbes Human Resources Council member Curtis Grajeda, “The way companies communicate with their employees about sick leave and work from home policies during the pandemic will have lasting impacts on their employer branding.” Stress shows companies’ true colors. How do your employees feel and how are they talking about you to others? The word-of-mouth advertising, positive or negative, is potent and can make or break revenue opportunities.

Four Tips on Successful Branding in a Crisis:

Consistent Messaging – Company mottos and mission statements are especially important during this time. Keep your messaging consistent. Let employees and clients know that you are here for them and let your actions reinforce that promise.

Build and Maintain Trust – Be vulnerable. It’s ok to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to apologize if you’ve done something wrong. Be human. Be empathetic. Everyone appreciates honesty and follow through.

Empathetic Messaging – Don’t be the company to show up in email blasts trying to pitch a hard sell. Consumers don’t care to know what you’re selling until they know you care about them.

Be Ready to Pivot – Perhaps the most challenging aspect for businesses right now is the constantly changing news cycle. Your audience’s pain points also shift daily, so it’s crucial you stay agile and informed with the most up-to-date current events and how it impacts your industry.

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