6 Tips Marketers Need to Know During COVID-19

April 6, 2020 / Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is More Important Now Than Ever

During this time, where information is constantly changing, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to manage your brand. Faced with uncertainty and the challenge of reinventing your business model to survive the current climate, every decision you make will impact your business. However, this moment presents the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your marketing strategy and continue communicating with your audience.

Here are 6 easy marketing tips to help you keep your business moving forward during this time.

1.) Deliver Effective Communication

The last thing you want to do is panic. In difficult times, human-focused communication is key to effectively engage clients and employees. Remember to obtain your information from credible and verified sources, like the CDC website, government agencies, and health professionals. Create a plan to protect your employees and customers and remember to communicate that strategy to your audience.

2.) Don’t Stop Marketing

As much as you are tempted to, do NOT stop your marketing efforts. This is the time to increase your brand presence and communicate your values and identity on social media and your website. Let customers know you’re here for them and that everyone will get through this uncertain time together. While other companies are impulsively cutting their marketing budget, use this time to analyze your marketing strategies and reinvent your messaging. Need low-cost marketing ideas? Check out this blog from Word Stream.

3.) Direct Marketing

Utilize direct marketing methods to increase conversion rates by targeting customers who are most likely to continue purchasing during this downturn. You can utilize tools such as our new Direct Mail Booster which is a powerful marketing tool to send direct mail to your customers – all of which are a captive audience stuck at home at this time. It features seamless tracking and offers control over your marketing campaigns including:

  • Mail tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Informed delivery
  • Online Follow-Ups
  • Lead Match
  • Social Match

You can also retarget visitors digitally through Google Display Network, Facebook, and Instagram. By focusing on the consumers who are only looking for your products and services, can help you to more effectively use your marketing budget and generate a greater ROI.

4.) Niche Market Analysis

Now is the time to dig deeper into your target audience and identify their unique behaviors, and purchasing habits. The Harvard Business Review recently reported on the psychology of consumer behavior during a recession noting, “It’s critical to track how customers reassess priorities, reallocate funds, switch brands and redefine value”.  From groups that will “slam on the brakes” and not buy anything to people who “live for today” and continue purchases without missing a beat, it’s critical to assess what this means for your organization and your niche market.

5.) Track and Analyze

Remember to continue analyzing and tracking every marketing initiative and its return on investment. Not only does tracking give you a full visual on engagement, conversions, and your brand’s overall marketing impact, it also can help to improve your strategy during this time.

If you’re running digital ads, make sure to track auction insights. This can expose areas that have room for improvement like position, ranking, and overlap with ads from both your brand and competitors. Also, make sure to audit your existing and future messaging and creative content. Be mindful of imagery, copy, and offers that could come off as insensitive or opportunistic. The goal is to refine your marketing strategy and enhance your best practices to continue overall success and sustainability.

6.) Be Consistent (Marketing Doesn’t Happen Overnight)

Marketing doesn’t happen overnight. You might not see your desired results immediately but remember to stick with it. Communicate consistently to keep in touch with your audience. This could mean posting to your social media every day, sending email communications to customers, using Direct Mail Booster to send mail frequently, or optimizing your website. Marketing is a long game. Having patience that the efforts you’re making now will pay off in the long run is critical to overall success.

Not sure what to communicate to customers and employees during this time? We have you covered. Our Marketing Agency is equipped with experts in crafting effective email communication, social media posts, digital ads, website content, and more. Call us at 443-548-3500 or visit strategicfactory.com.