Brand Spaces: For the Love of Your Customers

October 1, 2019 / Print & Direct Mail

Consumers may not judge books by their covers, but they certainly judge companies by their covers. Whether you own a retail store, small office, large corporation, restaurant, or anything in between, you have something in common with every other business: your workspace makes an impression on all who visit.

You know how fabulous your organization is. You know how much you and your employees do to help your customers. But can your customers tell that by just walking into your business? We’re not talking about cleanliness or framed art, although those details are important. We’re talking about branding. Is your brand message visual and consistent throughout your organization?

When someone visits your space, they should be able to answer the following questions without even speaking to someone:
  1. Who is this company? (What matters to this business and what are its core values?)
  2. What does this company do? (Does it sell products or provide services?)
  3. Why does it matter? (What makes the business unique and what sets them apart from the rest?)

Naturally, consumers want to trust those who they do business with. They will feel immediately at ease if they are greeted in a welcoming environment by a friendly face. When they see a team working productively and collaboratively with a clear and joint mission in mind, they are more likely to invest their money and trust.

Best Branding Practices

  • It starts outside. Be seen! Consider a bright sign, feather flags, and a frosted door with your company’s logo.
  • Let your walls talk. Make sure your entrance/lobby has your business’ name front and center! Consider wall decals to share your company logo, mission, or values.
  • Infuse company colors. Ensure your company colors are present throughout your organization.
  • Brand everyday items. Consider promotional products for your clients and staff like coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, etc.

Keep your customers coming back to a place they love. Retain their business with clear messaging, trust, and a space in which they feel comfortable.