Five Creative Event Promotion Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

July 26, 2019 / Marketing

Whether you’re planning a launch party, fundraiser, or workshop, getting the word out about your event can present a challenge. Sure, you can print a few flyers, write a social media post or send an eblast to your customer base. But how do you avoid being immediately lost in a sea of the same? How can you make your event stand out?

Marketing and promoting your event can be a lot simpler than you think. Check out these creative ideas for event marketing that you probably haven’t thought of yet:

Create Your Event Brand
Make your event stand out from the crowd by creating a unique event brand. Event branding is a great way to make your event memorable for years to come. Think about how recognizable the red and gold color scheme of the Academy Awards and the multi-colored circle logo for the Olympics are to everyone!

A custom logo, theme, or color scheme can help tell the story of your event and give attendees an idea of what to expect. Use this as an opportunity to explain the “why” of your event. Everything from the invitations to the website to the signage should help create an experience for your attendees.

Design a Dedicated Landing Page or Website

Don’t have your potential attendees searching through tabs on your website looking for details on your event. You already have their attention. If they can’t find what they came for, you are sending them right to the exit button!

Using your new event branding, design a dedicated landing page for your event. Create a one-stop shop for attendees to get the information they need, register or purchase tickets, and share to social media!

This dedicated landing page needs to include more than just a basic list of Who, What, When and Where. You can also include:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Photos from previous events
  • Information on how to prepare for your event (checklists, planning guide)
  • Dress code or ideas on what to wear
  • Special event hashtag you want attendees to use leading up to the event
  • Details on any pre-events you have planned
  • History or background on the unique venue of your event

Partner with Local Influencers

Social media marketing for your event is pretty much a given. But you must do more than just create a Facebook event and invite your followers. It’s all about how you leverage your social media marketing.

Is there a local blogger or social media darling whose audience would be ideal for your event? Don’t be afraid to reach out and develop a partnership. Explain how your event could benefit their followers and ask if they are willing to promote your event by advertising it in a social media post or blog post. You could reach an entire group of potential attendees who you couldn’t reach before.

Before you just send an impromptu DM on Instagram, make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few things to consider:

  • How can promoting this event benefit the influencer?
  • What exactly would you like them to do? Blog post? Facebook Live? Tweet?
  • What social media platform would you like them to use? (Think about where your audience is most likely to hang out.)
  • Will you provide artwork, images, and/or logos for them to use?

Create an Event Display

Do you have a storefront or high-traffic area in your office building’s lobby? Create a display for your event that will make them stop in their tracks.

Go all out and get fancy with this one. Surely you can do more than just put some event flyers on a table!

Planning a fashion show? Get a mannequin, dress it to the nines and give people a taste of what they will see at the show. Change it out every week and get them excited!

Go digital and incorporate a slideshow or animation into your display. Create a 60-second event commercial that potential attendees can see while they’re in the waiting room.

Create custom signage for a professional look that will stand out. A-frame signs, banners, or yard signs can incorporate your event branding (and you can reuse them for the actual event!).

Print and Mail an Invitation

As email inboxes are becoming increasingly full of spam, good, old-fashioned printed materials are still a classic choice. This is another opportunity to create just the “Wow” factor you need.

A plain paper invitation may not sound very creative but once you experiment, the creative options are endless.

  • Size – Your invitation can be as small as a business card or as large as a poster!
  • Paper & Printing Styles – Paper comes in a variety of colors and weights, and various printing options from foil printing to embossing create a unique effect.
  • Materials – Who says your invitation must be made of paper? Magnets, custom T-shirts, and other promotional products can announce your event and give your potential attendee something useful and memorable!

Now you’re equipped with inspiration to successfully market and promote your next event! Need some help implementing these ideas? At Strategic Factory, we have a team of creative, knowledgeable professionals ready to assist you with creating an event logo, designing a website, developing a marketing plan, and more! We can even help plan your entire event for you! Contact us today!