Utilize the Power of Promotional Products

February 21, 2019 / Promotional Products

Utilize the Power of Promotional Products

Did you know that more than 80 percent of consumers own between 1-10 promotional products? Promotional products vary from pens and drinkware to electronics and custom branded apparel. The options are nearly endless! Not sure which items would work best for your company? Don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team knows just what to do to provide the perfect swag to promote your brand!

Here are five reasons promotional products are the right move for your company:

Self- Promoting

Who doesn’t love free products? Branding is an easy, exciting, and effective way to promote your company and share your story. Promotional items constantly remind consumers of your brand and attract attention to the other products and services you offer.

Cost- Effective

Attempting to dabble in advanced advertising strategies can be costly. So, let word-of-mouth marketing do the work! Gifting promotional products to current and prospective customers is a great conversation starter that naturally evokes interest and can help grow clientele and build brand recognition.


We’re constantly on the go and adapting to new and changing trends. A simple way to attract attention is to brand promotional products that specifically interest your target audience. A recent hot product that companies took advantage of was the PopSocket phone attachment. It’s a trendy and useful product that is attached to consumer’s cell phones, keeping the company top of mind.

Personal Interaction

All companies strive toward building meaningful relationships with their clients. Providing promotional gifts as a token of appreciation to employees and clients creates a lasting personal interaction with your company. Developing a bond with a client increases future partnerships and sales. Instead of looking at your gift as just another product, it will be recalled as a “souvenir” of a positive experience with your company.

Recall Power

Did you know that 89 percent of consumers can recall the company of a promotional product that they received in the last two years? By producing a variety of items to market your brand, you’re dispensing a useful tool that is rarely neglected, positively communicated, and clearly remembered for years to come.

Now that you know how promotional products can help build your business, you just need to decide which products best fit your brand. Let our team of subject matter experts discuss your options and help narrow down your choices.