Strategic Factory Proudly Presents: The Rock Star Experience

February 7, 2019 / Company News

Looking for a way to attract new customers? Wondering how to recognize your valued employees? Consider taking a note from our best-selling album…

Strategic Factory Proudly Presents: The Rock Star Experience

We’re in the branding business. As the preeminent branding, marketing, and communications company in the area, we knew early on we needed a catchy – but appropriate – theme to match our headquarters and delight our fans. We decided on the Rock Star experience, and what started as a marketing hook has evolved into a cult following.

It wasn’t too long ago that the term “Rock Star” had negative connotations (picture an inebriated musician smashing a guitar onstage), but ever since Strategic Factory opened its headquarters in January of 2015 – for us – the phrase has morphed into a business buzzword, synonymous with hard work, professionalism, and expertise. In other words, the theme fit perfectly!

We had our theme; all that was left was the implementation. Here’s how we make it work…

Make It Memorable

At Strategic Factory, we’ve fully embraced the Rock Star culture. Our customers are Rock Stars. We offer personal Rock Star tours and shower clients and prospects with branded Rock Star-themed swag. We’ve hosted customer-appreciation events where customers were presented with their own ‘gold record’ awards and added to our Rock Star Hall of Fame wall. We literally rolled out the red carpet for our guests. And the Rock Star treatment doesn’t end with our customers…

Make It Personal

Internally, we’ve taken the standard “Employee of the Month” honor and given it an all-access, backstage pass. Our “Rock Stars of the Month” are honored in true star fashion: A Q&A in the company newsletter, a photo shoot (complete with a backlit poster featuring their photo displayed for all to see), shout-outs on social media, a custom trophy, free swag, a personalized parking spot, and more!

Make It Your Mission

How does one become famous at Strategic Factory? Our Rock Stars live by our mottos. They are ‘Happy To’ help, go above and beyond and are looked up to by their fellow team members. Incorporate your company’s mission statement and core values into your theme, and everything else will come naturally.

Make It an Event

We crown a new Rock Star at our monthly Celebration Day company meetings. We announce the winner and shower them with gifts and take photos once the crowd noise has died down. We post the photos to social media and encourage other team members to like and share. Each week, we recognize our Rock Star with a personalized promotional item that shows them they are truly appreciated.

Take It to the Next Level

Just like music, our Rock Star theme is constantly evolving. We are constantly exploring new ideas to make our customers truly feel like Rock Stars. In 2018, our latest customer-appreciation event – Strategic Fest – was modeled after Lollapalooza. The evening included a live band, beer, wine, and spirit tastings, and tons of free, concert-themed swag!

For our  team members, the Rock Star experience is ongoing; when the calendar turns over, one team member is enshrined in Strategic Factory history as Rock Star of the Year!

Go Platinum

The Rock Star theme fit our company well, and we rolled with it. While every business is different, one thing remains true no matter where you go. People want to feel like they are appreciated and valued. Customers and employees alike want to be treated like the Rock Stars they are! Try incorporating some of these ideas into your company’s marketing plan to help create new Raving Fans and have your employees singing your praises!

Interested in learning more? Come live the experience for yourself by reserving your own personal Rock Star Tour or schedule a consultation with our Marketing team to discuss your branding options!