Signage Trends for the New Year

October 4, 2018 / Signage

As 2020 comes to an end, have you completed all your resolutions? Was one of them to spruce up your space? Your space sets the mood for your brand; an attractive facade, lobby, or even elevator can set your business apart. Here are some signage trends that will help your space stand out.

Make a great first impression.

First impressions are everything, so eye-catching lobby or reception signage is critical for your company’s space. Incorporate your logo, color scheme, or even social media handle to encourage visitors to check out your social network while waiting.

Tell a story.

Let the walls do the talking by transforming a hallway into a storyline. Timeline or history walls are a great way to show off the progression of your business. Consider mixing textures and dimensions. Set a base layer with some wall vinyl and layer printed acrylic or dibond on top. Add in photos of past milestones for a personal touch.

Make it pop.

3D printing on parts of signage can make a graphic pop…literally! Use textured printing to add elements like braille, dimensional lettering, or features that passersby can interact with.

Wrap it up.

Vinyl wraps aren’t just for your vehicles! Wrap your building’s interior walls for an attractive look that will keep guests and employees talking about your brand. Elevator wraps are another unexpected way to spruce up your space while spreading your message!

Feeling inspired? Ready to make a change? No matter what your signage goals may be, these trends will be sure to make your space stand out in the new year! Contact our team today for a quote and transform your walls into works of art!