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Elevate Your Brand with Custom Labels

October 29, 2018 / Graphic Design & Branding

Labels are used one way or another in nearly every industry for their productivity and organizational qualities. Labels help inform customers, promote products, ensure safety, and so much more. Does your company currently use labels? What kind of custom label could benefit your business?

Here are six questions to consider when deciding what kind of label is right for your organization:

1. What is the size, shape, and quantity?

Whether you need 5,000 small rectangular labels or a single custom cut floor graphic, there’s a product out there for you.

2. What face stock should I use?

Once you’ve decided on your size, shape, and quantity, you need to decide what textures and composition you want to use. Glossy or matte? Plain or shimmery? White or colorful? Clear or opaque? Each face stock has its own unique characteristics.

3. What is on the label (colors, design, content)?

Design goes hand-in-hand with face stock. You need to think, what am I using my label for? If you’re using your label for food, retail or health products you may want features like extended content or redeemable coupons. If you’re promoting a business, you may want your label to pop with color and style without overwhelming customers with too much content.

4. What will the label be applied to?

Is your label going on a product? A vehicle? A window? The answer to this question will determine what type of adhesive you need; permanent, removeable, repositionable, or static cling.

5. What will the label be exposed to?

Another detail that may help you decide what kind of adhesive or face stock you need is your label’s exposure to the elements. For example, if you are using your labels outdoors or in an industrial setting, you’re going to want something that is weather and tear-resistant. Labels can be laminated or finished with a variety of varnishes that add durability or attractiveness.

6. How will the label be packaged and applied?

What type of packaging or application best suits the use of your label? Labels can be printed and packaged for you individually, on a roll, on a sheet, or set up to meet the requirements of an applicator. All you need to know is the core size, rewind direction, and the maximum outer diameter of the roll needed to fit your machine.

The options for the use of labels are endless…get creative! When it comes to deciding what type of label is best for you, refer to our Stock and Adhesive Label Information Guide to better understand your choices. Contact us with any questions; we would love to help design and supply the perfect labels for your business!