Five Print Finishes to Spice Up Your Business Cards

August 3, 2018 / Print & Direct Mail

Your business card plays a pivotal role in client relationships. In addition to your handshake, your card creates a unique first impression. But will it end up in the trash or recycling bin or foster a lasting relationship? Business cards not only represent your company but your individual identity, as well.

While you may think of a business card as a bland rectangular card containing your contact information, today it is essential to improving your portfolio and showcasing your talent. These pocket-sized billboards provide you with all your professional needs: advertising, brand recognition and contact information that can help turn a passing stranger into a treasured client.

Today, business cards are drastically different than they were 10 years ago. Plain cards with just the necessary typography are so outdated and design is very much in. Custom print finishes add that special touch to your card and develop a more impressionable client interaction. While you can customize and personalize it to match your brand, there are also card finishes that might add that extra pop to your design.

Here are 5 different finishes you can use on your next business card:

1. Die Cut

Tired of the rectangular shape of a business card? Die cutting can transform your card into any shape that best fits you. Changing the shape of your card instantly grabs the attention of a potential client or employer. Your card will stand out in a crowd of rectangular cards and will be another way your card truly represents you and your business.

2. Fold

Why limit yourself to a flat business card when a single fold card can give you double the space for your information and personalization? That extra space can provide more details about your brand and services, getting you one step closer to a client relationship. You may think a folded business card is untraditional, but it will provide you with an extra touch of uniqueness. Prospects at a trade show receive dozens of business cards at a time. Your folded card will be that “keeper” and the one they can’t forget.

3. Varnish and Spot UV

Add varnish that will enhance your card with deeper colors and enrich the card’s design. The varnish can be coated as a matte, silk or gloss to seal the paper and keep your card from wearing. The spot UV highlights certain areas of the card such as the logo, text or graphic. This finish will give your new card a durable and professional feel.

4. Foil Stamping/Sleeking

If you want your business card to shine brighter than the rest of the cards in the stack, you can apply foil stamping to images and text. It will create a reflective appearance and add a bit of extravagance and sleekness to your project. This finish will help call attention to the most eye-catching aspect of your business card whether that be your name, an image or your company logo.

5. Emboss and Deboss

Embossing creates a 3D effect on your text, graphic, or design, which literally takes your card to the next level. Don’t want your prints to raise? No worries, debossing gives the opposite effect, where the paper is pressed in instead of popping out, still creating a 3D effect. No matter which style you choose, it will instantly ELEVATE the quality of your card.

Don’t limit yourself to just one finish. Mix them up and create that unique business card that screams your name to prospects. Each finish is exclusive and gives your business cards some edge. You will stand out in a crowd at a trade show, a networking event or a one-on-one interview.

Let Strategic Factory design and print your new business cards with you and your brand in mind. Our team will ensure you are pleased with the finished product.