A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

August 18, 2018 / Career & Networking

As my final week at Strategic Factory comes to an end, it’s time for the inside scoop on life as a marketing intern. While I can say no two days were the same, the marketing team here at Strategic Factory kept me on my toes. I was assigned with many tasks that offered me new opportunities, new experiences, and plenty of multitasking!

Location, Location, Location!

When I sat down at my desk the first day, completely immersed with the content writers, I knew immediately this would be different from previous internships. In our small circle of desks, the conversation was constantly flowing, each person bouncing ideas off the other. In previous internships, interns were secluded to one side of the office with little direct face time with their managers. Where I was assigned to sit at Strategic Factory, it was impossible to be kept on the sidelines doing busy work. The marketing team was eager to welcome me, making me feel like a key player behind the scenes at Strategic Factory.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

My days had some consistency, such as 10 a.m. meetings on Tuesdays followed by a 1 p.m. marketing meeting, and a lively 10 a.m. ‘all hands’ meeting in the cafeteria on Fridays. Besides that, you could find me typing away at my desk writing the latest company blog post, developing a content calendar for Strategic Factory, or even creating social content and email campaigns for our clients. Networking was also a major component of the job; this entailed attending events and ensuring our networking lists and contacts were updated for future use.

When I wasn’t busy creating new content for our website, I was participating in company-wide events such as Spirit Week, competing in minute to win it games for prizes. With cookouts, a go-karting event and national food days, I can easily say this company culture was the most engaging and interesting of any place I have worked at thus far. The work environment is friendly and welcoming and sometimes we even let out a laugh or two in the office.

Broadened Horizons.

In the past, I have had numerous internships, ranging from journalism to communications to international affairs, but stepping into this marketing position was a completely new direction for me. Not only was I creating content for our brand – an industry I was originally unfamiliar with – I was helping to develop marketing materials for our clients as well. While printing and graphic design are not my forte, this internship quickly expanded my knowledge of the industry.

My summer internship not only refined and polished my writing and editing skills, but expanded my social media and research skills, as well. I learned the inner workings of this company and how this team operates. I was able to take responsibility for social content plan assignments and create material that best suited our clients’ needs. This independence allowed me to grow as an intern and really help the team with a range of projects.

A Whole New World.

These skills and new aspects of marketing have allowed me to refine my job search in advance of my looming graduation date. In my past experiences I found myself creating a long list of criteria I didn’t want in a future job, but not many positive takeaways. My time at Strategic Factory has opened new possibilities for life after college and expanded, rather than restricted, my career path.

Coffee, engaging assignments and a friendly team to lean on helped me get through a long summer of work. While I traditionally enjoy spending my summer days suntanning and relaxing, my time at Strategic Factory never felt long or daunting, but exciting and different every day. I’m going to miss it!