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Boost Sales with Variable Print

July 27, 2018 / Print & Direct Mail

Have your print promotional products been ending up in your customers’ recycling bins? It’s time to move on from that generic marketing and consider personalization using variable printing.

Variable printing utilizes data collected about people’s lifestyles, habits and purchases and allows a company to market to an individual very specifically, changing the printed message for each person. Digital printing allows you to create a completely unique marketing piece including text, graphics and images.

Between telemarketing, email marketing and digital marketing, mass printing often burdens customers with too much clutter to sort through. Differentiate your company among the constant noise that is mass mailing. Customers are more interested in direct mail that is marketed specifically toward them.

Why is Variable Printing Crucial?

1. Stand out from the crowd

By utilizing personalized print materials, you instantly set your company apart and increase the likelihood of boosting customer loyalty. Customers are eager to see their name or an image that reflects them printed on promotions, postcards or letters. It creates that one-to-one communication between you and your customers, which is unheard of for mass mailings. Personalization leads to loyal customers, who will choose your business every time.

2. Increased ROI

An increase in Return on Investment (ROI) starts with an increase in response rates. More engagement directly leads to an increase in ROI. Variable printing breaks the habitual cycle of a customer’s buying preference and attracts them toward the personalized message. It allows your company to reach a specific target in a custom way, convincing buyers still on the fence to convert to your company. Variable printing boosts response rates by 30 percent or more. A one-size-fits-all marketing plan does not effectively connect with your audience.

3. It’s personal

Your personalized message resonates with your audience because that message is directed toward them. Taking the extra time to personalize the text, name or graphic shows the customer you care and pay attention. Your customers will do a double take at your marketing messages, increasing your overall engagement. With variable printing, your company recognizes the audiences’ behavior, preferences and information, making this process for your customer one step easier.

Ways to Implement Variable Printing

Variable printing can be simple or complex depending on how your company tailors its campaign. Here are a few ways that personalized printing can used for your customers:

  1. Customize your promotional materials – Include addresses and phone numbers of local stores. This will create a more direct and personal front.
  2. Speak their language – Use the appropriate language for your customer whether that be English, Spanish or Italian. That simple customization will help you get an edge on your competition.
  3. Personalize cards with a coupon for their birthday – Personalized cards in honor of your customers’ birthdays could transform the most basic print job into a marketing opportunity.
  4. Use variable pictures for individuals or groups – Looking at the data you collect, pictures can be used to target an audience, as well. For instance, if a family with young children receive a travel brochure representing their family type, they are more likely to respond positively.

These simple changes could drastically improve your marketing results. While personalized messages deliver six times higher transaction rates, only 30 percent of brands send them. Variable printing will produce better results than broad segmentation and should be a tool you utilize in your next direct mail campaign.

Take advantage of all the benefits and let our team help with your next project. We’ll work to cater to your customers in a direct and personalized way.