5 Reasons to Purchase Company Calendars this Summer

June 29, 2018 / Print & Direct Mail

Although it may not feel like it, the new year is fast-approaching (we’re already halfway to Christmas!), and NOW is the time to start thinking about 2019! Keep the holiday decorations in storage but start planning for the new year necessity: calendars!

Yes, you’re trying to enjoy the weather, and yes, it might sound crazy, but if you want the best price for your company calendar, June and July are historically the months to place your order. A calendar is an essential item that showcases your company to your clients. Get ahead of the curve and provide your customers and prospects with a useful and attractive holiday gift before your competition.

In addition to

1. saving money, and

2. relieving stress down the road,

here are three more reasons why you should be planning ahead and ordering next year’s calendars TODAY:

3. Increased Sales

If you’re thinking on skipping out on a company calendar this year, think again. You may believe that paper calendars are outdated, but studies show that calendars and related items have not only survived the digital revolution, they’ve thrived! Branded calendars sent to current and potential clients can produce more business than you’d expect: 70 percent of your calendar recipients plan to do business with your company in the future.

4. Branding

If that stat doesn’t entice you to order your calendars, think about the brand awareness you’ll create. An astounding 74 percent of your recipients will remember the name of the advertiser on the promotional calendar. So, slap your brand on a high-quality calendar (and do it early for a discounted price!). Your calendar campaign can start producing results before the ball even drops in Times Square!

5. Versatility

There are so many ways to promote your company calendars. Consider them for trade show giveaways, employee appreciation or early holiday gifts for clients. Highlight your company and create a constant reminder on the recipient’s fridge, desk or closet door. You’ll gain exposure every time someone checks their schedule on your company calendar.

Branded calendars are perfect for any company, whether it’s a repair shop or a nail salon. The product is proven, and currently, the price can’t be beat! Whether you’re looking for wall calendars, desktop calendars or planners, Strategic Factory can help with any shape, size or layout. We can also help with a creative design that matches your brand perfectly. Our team will ensure your brand and company message is featured throughout the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t put it off any longer – order your 2019 calendars TODAY! Save time and money and cross something off your holiday to-do list this summer!