Three Indications You Need a New Logo

June 15, 2018 / Graphic Design & Branding

Your logo speaks a thousand words for your company. Beyond your brand name, the logo shows your story to the consumer and is one of the first glimpses of your company. When executed correctly, logos can draw consumers in. Think of iconic logos from companies like Apple and McDonald’s. While each has evolved over the years, the signature apple and golden arches are still instantly associated with its respective brand.

Conversely, changing a logo is a big decision for any company (and a crucial one).  When your company first started, the logo was relevant, interesting and unique to your brand. Now, your business has changed, and your audience is evolving as well. A new logo is sometimes essential to staying relevant and targeting your audience. Finding that balance between keeping the old and introducing the new, while still not losing sight of the brand is important. You may wonder if you even need to update your logo.

Here are three signs that it’s time for a change:

1. Your logo does not have a good social media presence

Most businesses are already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; your social media presence is important to your brand. But when you look at a profile, there is only a small square or circle for your company to showcase that logo, which hinders complex and detailed logos. This calls for a responsive logo on multiple platforms. Consumers will not have to squint and tilt their head in confusion with a simple yet telling logo.

2. Your logo looks outdated.

So, you developed this business in the late 1980s and your company is still up and running. That’s great, but you can forget that vintage font and color that helped the company succeed decades ago. We have seen it before – the bubble lettering, the bright colors and gradients, but design norms change and these styles became outdated. If signs of age are beginning to show, it might be a good time to revamp and refresh your logo.

3. Your logo doesn’t accurately represent your new business.

Just like a logo, a company sometimes needs a facelift and gradually evolves. Your company could have started as a niche but now has expanded its markets. These positive changes tend to create a gap between the logo and the brand. A new logo can help redefine the company. Whether it is a merger or a revamp of the original company, a logo should symbolize the new and improved business.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a change, we have the resources to completely redesign or modify your existing logo to complete your new look. Don’t be wary about transforming the appearance of your brand; sometimes change can be a good thing to attract the right customers and put your business in the spotlight!