How to Incorporate Drinkware Into Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

June 23, 2018 / Promotional Products

What better way to quench your thirst than promotional drinkware products filled with your favorite beverages? Drinkware serves as another opportunity to brand and market your company through different platforms. It can be customized for your company and can include a variety of options including mugs and water bottles.

While drinkware is traditionally used as a promotional product for your clients, it can also be essential to your internal operations. Promoting your company to your employees is just as important as sending the right message to your clients. There are many ways to incorporate drinkware into your marketing efforts, but we look at ways your company could benefit from promoting branded drinkware.

Here are four ways to use branded drinkware.

1. Human Resources Onboarding

Welcoming a group of new hires? Give them a warm welcome with a gift bag filled with a branded water bottle and other goodies. Your new employees will be promoting your business in no time when they run errands, go to the gym or work around the office. So, stick a water bottle or an insulated tumbler in the welcome bag, and watch the magic happen. Do your employees work outside? Consider purchasing a personalized engraved thermos or a stainless steel bottle.

2. Giveaways for Prospective Clients

If you’re searching for new clients, but don’t know how to open that door, a gift bag can go a long way. Use cellophane and ribbon to dress up your mug as the centerpiece of the gift bag. Stuff the mug with other promotional products and goodies so that your potential client can showcase that mug on their desk. Not only will this get you in the door, it may even begin a conversation for new client work.

3. Thank Clients with a Gift Basket

Gaining a new client can be the hardest part of the process, but maintaining that relationship is another piece of the puzzle. Use drinkware to say ‘thank you’ to your clients. Consider a set of etched wine glasses with a basket of cheese and crackers or even a beer bundle with branded pint glasses and assorted snacks and drinks. A nice gesture like this could keep your client happy, hydrated and loyal to your business.

4. Trade Show Opportunities

Sick and tired of using the same boring pens and notepads at each trade show? Swap them out for a branded cup filled with candy or even more promotional products. People will be attracted to the size of your display on your table (especially when there are snacks involved). Rather than placing those same old pens on a table, try placing them in branded cups or mugs. The bigger, the better! Entice your audience with a brand-new piece of drinkware.

The conventional uses for drinkware are so last year. Use these fresh takes to find new and interesting ways to brand your company in and around the office. Let our team use our creative juices to help package and promote your branded bottle, jug or thermos for your marketing needs!