Use Outdoor Signage to Draw Them In!

May 25, 2018 / Signage

It’s finally warming up outside, and people are coming out of hibernation and hitting the streets! Is your business prepared?

Ensure your company stands out from the crowd with creative and eye-catching outdoor signage designed to draw in potential customers. Strategic Factory can design, create and install any type of sign you desire, but here are our three most popular, cost-efficient and effective signs for summertime:

1. A-Frames

Also known as menu boards, these lightweight, affordable signs are perfect for sidewalks. Announce your daily specials with portable, weather-resistant A-frames. Easily swap out your message with coroplast signage. We carry styles that can be filled with water or sand, so they stay put!

2. Window Graphics 

Another great option for your business are window graphics.  Vinyl window perfs allow your business to utilize your doors and windows as ad space. You can feature your company’s logo, phone number, store hours and web address, or even images of your most popular products. Plus, window perfs keep the hot sun out during the sweltering summer months!

3. Feather Flags 

These are a summer staple. There’s nothing quite like a feather flag advertising your company while swaying in the warm summer breeze. Feather flags are a lightweight, colorful option that really catch your eye when walking or driving past and are available in various shapes and sizes, including straight or tear drop. We even carry a small feather flag that is fastened to a backpack, perfect for advertising at summer concerts and fairs!

Take advantage of these summer months and reach customers where they’ll be spending their time – the great outdoors! Don’t miss this opportunity to draw in new clients!

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