Eight Print Advertising Trends to Follow in 2018

March 23, 2018 / Print & Direct Mail

While print advertising may seem like a thing of the past, businesses should not overlook its newfound power in 2018. With businesses constantly advertising online and on social media, sometimes the only way to stand out is to use traditional marketing techniques. Print advertisements are set to skyrocket in 2018, and for good reason. A national survey of U.S. internet users concluded that 82 percent of Americans find print advertisements more trustworthy than online advertising. So, to help you reach and keep your customers in 2018, here are eight print marketing trends you should jump on ASAP this year.

1. Keep it Clean

In an ever-growing digitized world, sometimes, to get a consumer’s attention, you have to return to the basics. A large, bright picture with short, simple text and plenty of white space is sure to draw your target audience in. Clean, authentic, simple. Remember, sometimes less is more.

2. Add Color

You can “keep it clean” while still having plenty of color. According to color experts at Pantone, colors have the power to change our mood. Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman says that if you want to look “resourceful,” go with blues and oranges, and if you want to be “sophisticated,” use gold. Color trends in 2018 are moving away from pastels and towards more bright and bold colors which are a perfect application for our intense lifestyles and thought-processes. Your print marketing should match your readers’ moods.


3. Utilize Brochures

Another good tactic is to print personalized brochures for your customers. If you’re giving a presentation to prospective clients, hand out pamphlets for them to flip through while they’re watching. Brochures are extremely durable, and therefore can keep your clients in the loop long after that presentation ends.

4. Sell the Seasons

Question: how do you continually re-engage your customer base year-round? The answer: seasonal printing! Print catalogues in the spring with items from your business that were built for warmer weather, or mail catalogues in the fall introducing some of your new cold weather products.

5. Use Unique Coupon Codes

Sure, regular coupon codes are great: you can give your customers fantastic deals and keep them coming back for more. But in 2018, expect to see the rise of unique coupon codes. Why? Unique coupon codes generate a much higher return on investment (ROI) than standard ones. Standard coupons can’t be shared with other customers and, with personalized details, make customers feel valued on an individual level. Also, coupon codes can track customers on an individual basis and can be used to gain more information about your clientele.

6. Tell it with Texture

Texture makes print advertisements more exciting and real. In fact, studies have shown that haptic (touch) memory has the biggest impact on the human brain. Texturized print advertisements resonate more with customers and create long-lasting brand awareness. Use thermography, embossing, debossing, or intricate folds to make sure your print media is memorable. If your ad looks and feels collectible, potential customers will hold on to it for longer.


7. Add Fun With Foil

People like shiny things, believe it or not. If you want your print marketing to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, stamp your print with foil. Foil stamping is an under-used and elegant technique by which paper is wrapped in a thin layer of foil to create a beautiful metallic and holographic effect. Foil stamping looks best over simple designs and can increase the life of any print ad.

8. Use Digital and Print Marketing in Tandem

Print advertising should be used alongside your digital marketing campaign to ensure your customers are always engaged. And when you mail out a pamphlet, for example, follow up with an email and online ads to keep your clients coming back for more. Marketing specialists can track your customers’ habits and can create a campaign that advertises to your customers no matter where they are.

Implement these eight print advertising strategies to retain your current customers and engage with new ones. Sometimes, you have to go old-school to see fresh results!

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