Presentation Folders: Polished and Professional

February 26, 2018 / Print & Direct Mail

When your business is looking to impress, a folder is more than a simple product to hold paperwork. Whether you’re presenting new ideas, welcoming new employees or enticing potential clients, offering them information in a unique, customized package will give you the polished edge you need.

These design techniques can help make your presentation folders truly one of a kind:

  • Tri-Panel Folders are perfect if you’re looking to go big. An extra panel and pocket will give you more room inside and out – you can provide extra paper materials and show off your brand on a larger cover.
  • Die-Cut Pocket Folders are a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. Die cut allows you to incorporate outstanding design elements, plus custom flaps for unique items like promotional pens and business cards.
  • Tab Folders are the most effective way to stay organized when presenting a great deal of information. A high-quality printer can even print directly on the tabs, giving your folder a more professional look than any sticker label.
  • Stepped or Stitched Inserts provide a stunning visual from within your folder. They’re also useful for organizing your presentation and guiding your audience naturally from topic to topic!

If you’re looking for a custom folder, we can help. Our print capabilities include all the options above, PLUS an enormous variety of textured stock and ink.