Let Your Brand Shine Through with Custom Acrylic

November 4, 2017 / Signage

When you’re working with one of the most diverse, durable and customizable materials available, the possibilities for signage, awards, centerpieces and more are endless. What is this amazing material? Acrylic, of course!

Here are four reasons why acrylic is the right substrate for your next project:

It’s Affordable. 

Acrylic itself is an inexpensive material, but another factor makes acrylic signage all the more worthwhile: durability. Acrylic is designed to last the test of time, weather and wear both indoors and outdoors, reducing the cost of replacement down to zero.

It’s Quality.

Printers who specialize in large-format media will use the latest technology to produce an incredible acrylic masterpiece. Here’s how we do it:

  • Your content is printed onto the acrylic substrate on our flatbed large-format printer.
  • The substrate will be cut into your perfect shape on our Esko contour cutter.
  • Throughout the process, we guarantee that your lettering will remain crystal clear, no bleeding or tarnishing.

It’s Versatile.

Your imagination is the limit to an acrylic sign. Print on the front or back, utilize various colors and thicknesses, and explore a world of styles and finishes to perfectly capture your brand. The possibilities don’t end at signage – with the right printer, you can make anything out of acrylic! Centerpieces for events, iPad stands for trade shows, and awards to recognize your employees are just a few of your many options.

It’s Custom.

There’s no better material for making your signage 100% your own. Acrylic awards can be personalized with names, years and accomplishments, and they can be cut into just the right shape (even in a circle!) to suit your event or business. Need trophies for a golf tournament? Order them in the shape of a club or ball! Hosting a holiday themed dinner? Cut centerpieces in the shape of a pine tree to get your guests in the spirit.

With fully-customizable acrylic, you can show off your business YOUR way!

Looking for the perfect printer to create your masterpiece? Our specialized large-format team is ready to help! Check out our acrylic capabilities to learn more.