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How to Make the Most of a Landing Page

August 5, 2017 / Digital Marketing

Imagine you’re about to launch a new ad campaign. You’ve worked hard to develop the concept, and it’s the highlight of your marketing for the next quarter. You’re ready – but you take one look at your website, and you’re instantly overwhelmed. How can you show your customers what you’re offering without changing your entire homepage?

The answer is simple: develop a landing page! Here’s how you can make the most of the perfect digital showcase for your company’s latest initiative:

Know your options.

There are two types of landing pages, and each serves a specific purpose:

  • Click-through landing pages offer a button leading your customers directly to the page you want them to see.
  • Lead generation landing pages acquire user data, like a name or email address, quicker than a call to action built into your homepage.

In both instances, the landing page creates immediacy in your customers, urging them to respond to a statement or request that’s impossible to ignore. The effect is incredible – whether your focus is B2B or B2C, just one landing page can gain you more than 100 new leads, eliminating the hassle of a redesign and cutting your lead generation costs in half.

Get what you need.

Marketing professionals who know the web landscape agree that for certain types of campaigns, landing pages are more than beneficial – they’re essential. If you’re planning on launching a paid social media advertisement, retargeting campaign or email marketing campaign, you need a striking web page that instantly brings your message to the screen.

advertising mail for background, Business concept

Combine with print.

If your campaign is on paper, you can still benefit! There’s no better tool for building your direct mailing list like a lead generation landing page, where customers can opt in and provide their information with the click of a button. Alternatively, your print materials can direct customers to your landing page, where they can instantly add their email address to your contacts.

Maximize your incentives.

A landing page can be more than just a simple alert or data collection tool. Use it to its full potential by offering incentives that give your customer a tangible payoff for their participation! Coupons, vouchers, white papers, eBooks, and registrations for webinars, contests and print newsletters are all fantastic ways to reward your customers, draw them into your campaign, and gain recurring business.

Consult a professional.

Just as a great landing page can capture customers’ attention, a poorly-designed one can be an instant turn-off. The page that greets your customer should be creative, attractive and easy to read, not an eyesore they scramble to close. Professional web development and design services are a worthy investment – they can ensure that your page stands out in the right way, and that your entire web presence has a cohesive style.

With the perfect landing page, your next campaign is sure to be your best yet!

Our web development team knows exactly what works when building a landing page. We’re happy to help you create a masterpiece!