Fly Your Feather Flag with Pride

August 19, 2017 / Signage

Feather flags are one of the most common forms of signage in advertising. On one hand, that means they’re a tried-and-true method of attracting business from the street or during an event. On the other, it means you’ll face a lot of competition. A sign that’s just good will get lost in the crowd – your feather flag needs to be great.

Lock down these four essentials, and your feather flag will soar from good to great!

1. Know your purpose.

Feather flags are versatile, but for the sake of your design and your customers, it’s important to be clear on what the sign is meant to accomplish. Are you directing foot traffic, signaling the location of an event, or simply promoting your brand? Feather flags can also be used for special occasions to promote limited-time or seasonal offers.

2. Draw the eye.

“Bright” isn’t always best for attracting positive attention! It’s more important that the colors you choose for your feather flag coordinate, both with each other and with your brand. Captivating graphics are another great way to make your sign stand out, but beware – large-format print mediums like feather flags require extremely high-resolution images to avoid pixelation. These pitfalls can easily be avoided by investing in a professional to design a flag that’s eye-pleasing and functional.

3. Convey the message.

The words on your sign are just as important as the artwork. Feather flags have a slim surface that will benefit from concise copy; most designers recommend using no more than seven words, so focus on your purpose and make sure your layout isn’t too busy to read. Pay attention to the font you use as well – the right font is legible, tonally appropriate, and cohesive with your overall branding.

4. Print it right the first time.

Like all large-format signage, feather flags are somewhat difficult to print, and poor printing can turn even the best-designed flag into an eyesore. Don’t settle for mediocre printing – shop carefully for a large-format printer that will produce your job professionally.

Follow these simple steps, and your feather flag will be impossible to ignore!

Having trouble finding a printer? Our in-house designers and production professionals specialize in large-format print! We’re happy to help you create and produce your next beautiful sign.