Vendor Printing: The Smart Choice

July 28, 2017 / Print & Direct Mail

Businesses across the country are taking it upon themselves to print their own internal and external collateral. They have their reasons: it’s cheaper, it’s easier, it’s more convenient. But is it really the best solution?

The short answer is no. Printing is a time-consuming process that demands high quality to reflect positively on your brand – so why wouldn’t you delegate the task to a professional? Here are four outstanding qualities of an outside vendor that no in-house printer can match:


Ordering from an outside vendor gives you access to a world of print possibilities: full bleeds, a huge variety of paper stock and sizes, and finishing capabilities like collating, folding and stapling are just a few of the things professionals can accomplish that your office printer can’t. Printers also guarantee you crystal clear graphics and vibrant inks that are sure to reflect beautifully on your business and capture the attention of potential customers.


When you print in-house, your attention is understandably divided, and your actual business takes priority. A professional printer is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: making sure your print job is absolutely perfect! Your copy, design, color and layout will undergo multiple rounds of proofing to ensure that your printed material arrives exactly as you imagined it, if not better. Vendors are also capable of an incredible turnaround – with every minute devoted to print, your job can be in your hands within 24 to 48 hours.


These startling statistics reveal the true cost of in-house printing:

  • Companies in the US print 10,000 pages of internal print per employee, generating a yearly expense of more than $120 billion.
  • The average high-volume color printer with all functions necessary for business costs upward of $4,000.
  • Printer ink – both black and color – costs more than $5,500 per liter (that’s pricier than a liter of Dom Perignon).

These figures may be reasonable in small increments, but a single sheet or cartridge won’t cut it for your growing business (some of these stats don’t even include the cost of your marketing collateral!). Printing with an outside vendor will lower these costs up to 20 or 30 percent, and having just one consolidated expense will make accounting a breeze.

Ease and Efficiency

Printing on your own seems more convenient in theory, but in practice, you’ll be trapped in a cumbersome nightmare. Exorbitant expenses aside, printing equipment is bulky, requiring an extensive placement process just to make it into your building. Once it’s there, it still causes trouble: the average IT department spends 15 percent of its time troubleshooting printers, and whether they’re working or not, printing in small amounts every day is a waste of valuable time. An outside printer takes the entire burden off your shoulders – place one order in bulk, and your work is done.

Print shouldn’t be your problem! Let a professional printer lighten the load.

We especially recommend vendor services to businesses printing flyers or copies in large quantities. If your print needs exceed 100 copies in color or 250 copies in black and white, it’s essential to start shopping professional printers.

Convinced? We’re happy to take care of all your print needs.